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TYPO3, with over 500,000 installations, is the leading Enterprise Content Management System (CMS) preferred by mid-sized and large companies around the world, enabling businesses to create high-quality user experiences, work more efficiently, reduce costs and manage digital content in an automated way.

Due to its power and flexibility, TYPO3 has proven itself over decades and remains the CMS of choice when it comes to high performance websites. With limitless scalability, it can meet even the highest performance requirements of global players who have to hold their own in the world market.

At the same time, thanks to continuous progress, regular updates and a wide range of extensions, TYPO3 guarantees long-term future security and can thus make the difference between which company can sustainably hold its own at the top.

TYPO3 is the right CMS for you if you attach great importance to extensive enterprise functions, complex applications, multilingualism and a sophisticated authorization concept, and if your company is designed for consistent "customer centricity" and outstanding "user experience".

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Why TYPO3 is optimal for complex projects / websites
  • Performance TYPO3 is the world leader in performance and high-traffic sites, offering a reliable solution for companies that need a powerful and robust website. In Google's Core Web Vitals, TYPO3 occupies one of the first places.
  • Scalability TYPO3 impresses with its exceptional scalability and can be effectively adapted to the needs of large companies that need to manage large amounts of information and content.
  • Privacy and security Security is an important aspect of content management, especially for large companies that store confidential information. TYPO3 is known for its security features, which are regularly updated to close potential security gaps. It is not without reason that international companies with annual sales in the millions or billions of dollars trust the CMS.
  • User-friendliness Although TYPO3 is a powerful CMS, its user-friendliness is impressive. It offers an intuitive user interface and does not require deep technical understanding, which makes it easier to use in larger companies due to shorter training periods. Moreover, content management by multiple users at the same time is possible.
  • Integration of other systems The integration possibilities with other systems and applications are manifold, whether CRM, ERP, HR, marketing automation or PIM systems and many more, interface connections can be realized without restrictions.
  • Community support TYPO3 has an active community of developers and users who help to ensure that companies receive support quickly in the event of questions or problems.
  • Internationalization TYPO3 is tailored to the needs of international companies. It supports different languages, currencies and local markets, making it easy for global companies to manage their websites.
  • Regular updates Continuous development of the system further enhances the security of TYPO3. TYPO3 offers a major release every 18 months, the current development roadmap as well as which TYPO3 version is compatible with which PHP version can be viewed here: typo3.org/cms/roadmap

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> 16 years of experience and deep expertise in working with TYPO3

Short implementation times due to agile working method according to Scrum

High-performance TYPO3 hosting and DSGVO-compliant software maintenance

Active TYPO3 Gold Member

Low initial costs due to our TYPO3 QuickStarter technology "p2Core

Low follow-up costs, as TYPO3 is developed close to the standard / core

Large team of developers and certified TYPO3 experts

Low error rates due to 3-stage deployment and 4-stage QM process

Expertise in TYPO3 headless solutions with VueJS & React JS

Current TYPO3 projects from industry and medium-sized businesses

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> 16 years of TYPO3 experience and in-depth expertise


since21years of expertise in digital marketing solutions

via300website projects with TYPO3

activeand certifiedTYPO3 experts

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We are happy to support you in all aspects of your TYPO3 project, for example in the implementation of a relaunch or upgrade, if you want to increase your visibility on the web through effective online marketing or in the takeover of existing TYPO3 systems. As part of our support, we will be happy to assist you in all matters relating to your TYPO3 website and keep your online presence up to date through regular maintenance and care .

During a web meeting (approx. 30-45 min.) we will discuss your open questions and show possible solutions. You will also receive a first rough estimate of the project scope / budget.

Please fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a date for the web meeting.

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