Rapidly changing markets, new technologies, higher demands on user experience (UX) or provided content are just a few factors that make continuous optimisation of online applications imperative. Together we define relevant KPIs that reflect your goals as well as the campaign strategy. Based on these factors, the current processes are continuously evaluated, and optimisation potentials for future steps are derived from the knowledge gained.

We accompany measures for performance improvement strategically and operationally - by training your employees in the required skills and tools or by directly implementing the necessary tasks for you.

Performance marketing

„Whoever stops getting better has stopped being good“.

This quote from Philip Rosentahl (founder of the world-famous porcelain factory of the same name) from the "analogue" world sums up what performance marketing means for campaigns and digital applications.

The target- and impact-based approach forces the continuous performance improvement of your marketing activities based on reliable data. Therefore, we enable the achievement of your KPIs through constant data collection and evaluation, and we initiate suitable optimisation measures resulting from this. We do this until the desired goal or impact of the campaign is achieved - or exceeded.


Search engine marketing (SEM)

With an interdisciplinary approach of user experience (UX), content and technical aspects, we increase your company's visibility on Google & Co. and ensure that visitors engage with your offer (and not that of your competitors). Furthermore, through individual strategies and sensibly linked measures from the areas of content and technical search engine optimisation on your website (OnPage SEO) in combination with search engine optimisation on external websites (OffPage SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA), we enable an increase in traffic from relevant target groups.

Social media marketing (SMM)

Customers no longer want to come to you. They expect you to be where they move. And they move in the social networks. Therefore, a presence on relevant social media channels should be an integral part of marketing - whether B2C or B2B, but the decisive factor is the right strategy and selecting appropriately.

Remarketing or retargeting campaigns promise higher conversion rates and turn users who have already contacted your brand into potential customers.

Content marketing

Content marketing is an essential factor in reaching target groups even better and, through this, also increasing the performance of the web application or campaign. And not through promotional content, but by providing high-quality, relevant and informative content that adds value to the reader. Adapted to the expectations of the target group and the channels used. The correct information at the right time in the right place is a fine art in which we support you with content strategy, content production and distribution.

Web analytics & data

Data is the new gold of the media landscape - so the customer-centred action derived from it is more important today than ever before. Professional web analysis provides valuable insights and allows you to understand user behaviour on your website in detail. This data is helpful to derive reasonable action measures for personalising the content and optimising the user experience and the search engine.

Lead management

The generation of high-quality leads forms a significant key factor for long-term business success in B2B and B2C marketing. However, in today's world and with the changes in buying processes due to digitalisation, this is anything but an easy task.

With professional lead management, you pick up the customer exactly where they are. And you can effectively develop them from any touch-point from prospect status to sales maturity. Along the way, you make a valuable and measurable contribution to the success of your company.

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Lead generation

The most crucial goal of a successful sales strategy is lead generation, which lays the valuable foundation for all other sales activities. By building up a high reach, you generate initial attention from potential customers, which leads to "real" interest in your company or services by generating sustainable, relevant content.


Develop potential customers into buyers. Lead nurturing encompasses all the measures a company takes to address a prospective customer with relevant information at the right time, in line with the respective phase of the purchase decision in which the prospective customer currently finds himself. Together with you, we develop a nurturing process that fits precisely along the customer journey of your persona. This applies to acquiring new customers and customer retention, recovery, or reactivation of former or inactive customers.

Lead scoring & lead routing

An essential component of holistic lead management is evaluating leads, the so-called "lead scoring". Scoring carries out in the dimensions "profile", "activity", and "content" throughout the entire lead management process and culminates in the mapping of data for lead classification. Once a previously defined "score" has been reached, the lead hands over to the sales department in the status of an ideal maturity level. Only leads with "Sales Qualified Lead" (SQL) status are available to the sales department. The transferred profiles contain valuable information for the development of an effective sales strategy.

Marketing automation

Professionally executed lead management is a highly complex task that quickly becomes a challenge in addition to the routine tasks of the marketing department. Marketing Automation provides a remedy by mapping and automating the processes of lead management. Thus, using a Marketing Automation solution enables your marketing department to support sales in actively generating qualified leads.

Operational support

A website never is done. Content must be updated and expanded. Changing technologies require corresponding adjustments, such as integrating process changes and reflecting technical developments. New goals create new conditions...

A successful online presence is subject to constant change, just like a company itself. That is why we are happy to support you permanently with daily maintenance, conceptual and technical further development, software maintenance or even a release change. Thus, strategically and conceptually, as well as practically in your daily work.

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Workshops and training

In workshops and training sessions, we are happy to share our knowledge and teach you and your staff how to use the CMS, deepen knowledge of general marketing practices and trends and jointly develop practical solutions for future requirements.

Content production & maintenance

Use our graphic designers, copywriters and integrators as an additional resource for your marketing team. We process your information into compelling content and publish it on your website and digital platforms with the necessary expertise.

Conversion optimisation

It is often the details that make the difference and decide whether a user performs the desired action or not. With analysis methods such as A/B testing or URL audits, we check and optimise your product pages, landing pages, sales funnels and "tweak" the details until we achieve the defined conversion rate.

Ongoing marketing support

We are happy to share our knowledge and creative passion and stand by you and your marketing team as sources of advice and ideas. With an outsider's view and an insider's knowledge, we help develop concepts and processes and initiate their implementation.

TYPO3 support

As a specialist with many years of experience in the content management system TYPO3, we support our customers in the long-term secure operation of the system and the event of problems occurring at short notice. With the integration of updates and security patches, an upgrade to a new version or in the form of troubleshooting in the event of faults. Both for systems set up by us and for third-party systems.

Further services