Customer-centric digital strategies

Successful strategies are based on evaluating facts, analysed data, and current behavioural patterns rather than flourishing inventiveness. They are goal-focused and know their protagonists precisely.

Together with you, we develop a digital marketing strategy that picks up your company where it currently stands. In doing so, we consider both the entirety and individual components to be optimised - depending on what scope is desired or necessary. The development of desired customer profiles and personae and the analysis of the entire customer journey are cornerstones of strategy development, as is the permanent collection of reliable data. The complexity of the channels, touch-points, and fast-moving digital landscapes require a sustainable, coordinated, and flexible approach.

We develop creative ideas based on the strategy that focuses on achieving goals from temporary campaigns to increase sales to overall brand management. Always in close exchange with you and with bilateral knowledge transfer.


Where do we stand, where do we want to go, and what potential is there? The countless data available in online marketing are worth their weight in gold. They enable well-founded and exact analyses that serve as a basis for strategic considerations, uncover trends and potentials, or monitor success. With the help of professional tools and experience in evaluation and assessment, we also support you in interpreting the data and deriving measures and strategies.

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Market and competition analysis

Form a sound basis for designing a successful digital strategy and position yourself competitively among the competition. With a professional market and competition analysis, you can determine to what extent your company stands out from the competition and which unique selling propositions should be emphasised. Generate valuable customer insights through targeted market research and align your company and further measures profitably.

SEO status analysis

Who can't be found in search engines doesn't exist - this is the principle according to which today's B2B customer evaluates the search for information. High visibility is therefore indispensable and a significant factor for the success of your website. Consequently, it is relevant to regularly perform an SEO site check, correct the resulting technical errors, and carry out valuable on-page optimisations. 

Usability analysis

Make full use of your website's potential - you just need to know it. With the help of a professionally conducted usability analysis, you can derive valuable information regarding possible usage hurdles, interruption points, the optimal information structure or even the comprehensibility of the content across the board. We support you in uncovering serious usability problems and profitably optimising your site. 

Content audit

Bring light into the darkness and get a structured overview of the entire content. A content audit offers you the ideal opportunity to identify high-performing content and use these findings to expand your content marketing strategy in a target group-specific way. Separate yourself from irrelevant content and optimize your conversion rate. 

Customer journey analysis

Shape the customer journey to your advantage. Especially in the digital sector, there are vast possibilities to optimally analyse the relevant touch-points on the customer journey and thus develop a comprehensive understanding of the preferences and behaviour patterns of the customers. Based on this, we recommend creating a customer journey map to align future business activities with your customer's needs. 

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A technically flawless and functional system is an essential requirement for the success of your website. If only to offer your users optimal usability and thus a pleasing experience when working with your website. In addition, the use of an up-to-date system is also significant to protect against cyber-attacks and ensure optimal performance, which has a direct influence on various KPIs such as the conversion rate and search engine rankings.

Workshop & Consulting

Our workshops teach digital competencies - the skills that enable people to help shape change processes in digitalisation. Digital competencies allow us to master complexity, uncertainty and rapid change. Skills such as agility, personal responsibility, willingness to change, and future-oriented thinking count in the digital market. Those who manage to stay in motion are fit for the future.


Digital guidance

Digital transformation requires new skills, new methods and new ways of thinking. In this workshop, we discuss the core questions for the well-founded determination of a digital strategy that positions your company for the future in changing markets and contributes tangible added value to the company's success. The result of the workshop is a jointly developed roadmap with relevant topics and next steps for achieving the set goals.

Digital customer acquisition

How can sales and marketing meet the increased expectations of B2B customers and respond to the new procurement behaviour? Based on concrete customer contact points ("touch-points"), ways of making the buying process more intuitive for potential customers are jointly developed in addition to imparting basic knowledge. In line with the "Customer Centricity" approach, the customer is placed at the centre of all entrepreneurial thinking and action. The workshop enables all participants to work together smoothly in marketing and sales and ultimately to generate profitable leads.

Ideal customer profiling & persona development

The creation of relevant content for all communication channels bases on the profiling of an ideal customer. Only those who have profound insights into what the desired customer expects, what topics they are interested in and what pain points move them in their everyday professional life can produce content with added value. Our profiling includes typification according to the INSIGHTS MDI® model and thus reveals the behavioural preferences of the ideal customer. In group work, we develop helpful arguments and USP's to enable benefit-oriented communication with the perfect customer.

Lead nurturing

Generating a lead is not difficult - the art lies in developing it and optimally qualifying it for sales. After the theoretical introduction to the new customer development process, the joint development of a customer journey follows. Based on the different phases of the buying process, concrete content modules are developed for the respective touch-points, which in the end map out a multi-stage nurturing process. Within the framework of progressive profiling, sales-relevant data is integrated within the process steps. The developed nurturing process forms the application-specific basis for implementation in a marketing automation system.

Editorial planning

"Content is the reason search started in the first place." (Lee Odden, CEO, Author, public speaker and Online Marketing Expert)

If you want to create relevant content regularly, it makes sense to do some planning in advance. This workshop deals with the necessary considerations and processes for structuring editorial planning based on target group-specific topics. With the help of numerous practical examples and essential tools, the participants will independently create an editorial plan after the workshop that achieves the previously set goals.

SEO-compliant text creation

This workshop builds on the knowledge gained from the workshop "Editorial Planning". It provides practical knowledge preparing content to be relevant from the search engine's perspective and potential customers. In addition, the participants receive helpful tools and advice from daily practice, starting with the information that a comprehensive text briefing should contain, the use of valuable tools, the implementation of a term weighting analysis (WDF*IDF), the consideration of OnPage factors when entering the content into the content management system, and the evaluation of the success of the measures implemented in specialised reporting tools.

Strategy development

Having a strategy means acting instead of reacting, actively shaping instead of improvising and managing. Only those who know where they want to go and what needs to be done to get there can optimally deploy and control their resources. With a market-oriented approach, we support you in content and methodology in strategy development and implementation. We advise you on a wide range of topics and develop sustainable partial or overall strategies together with you.

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Content (marketing) strategy

Content marketing must be strategically well thought out to be effective. Therefore, the development of a content marketing strategy is essential. It defines the appropriate target groups, communication guidelines and channels, and operational implementation, such as conception, production, and distribution of all content. We support you holistically and help you to develop an efficient strategy.

Customer lifecycle management

Maximise the customer lifecycle and stay in contact with your customers even after they have made a purchase. Ideally, they will even recommend your company to others. We support you in defining the individual phases of the customer lifecycle and addressing them in a way that is appropriate to your target group. Together, we adapt your online activities and help you to retain your customers in the long term.

Online marketing strategy

A thoroughly conceived strategy is a must for successful online marketing and, accordingly, the target group-specific targeting of measures and increasing visibility in the World Wide Web. We support your success with expert strategy development based on precise goals, the creation of target group-specific personas and in-depth keyword and competitor analyses.

Strategy and conception for online presences

The (re-)launch of a website must be well-thought-out - because what today's users don't want is a self-aggrandising company presentation without taking customer needs into account. So during a kick-off workshop, we work with you to create the necessary strategic basis on which the detailed conception of your website will be built using personas, wireframes and functional concepts.

Corporate identity & branding

Strategic brand orientation is the key to your sustainable business success. We help you with the ACTUAL analysis and map the realistic external image of how customers currently perceive you. Based on this, we work together to develop the ideal USP and a persuasive brand promise that emotionally charges the brand and makes it tangible for your target group.

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