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Marketing and advertising are constantly changing for your company in Bielefeld. What worked a few years ago with print advertising or newspapers is increasingly taking place on the Internet. Developing a smart marketing strategy for the digital world is essential for every company. But do you know suitable communication solutions to reach your target group on the PC or smartphone and win new customers online.

With an online marketing agency for Bielefeld and East Westphalia, you can rely on an industry expert to guide you as you get started in online marketing. Get the ideal support from the first idea to the implementation and optimization of your marketing strategy and benefit from individual approaches that exactly fit your Bielefeld company.

BRUNS_digital is at your side as a versatile online marketing agency for Bielefeld and the whole of Germany. We combine expertise in all relevant areas such as web development, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing and the use of social media - and all this at attractive conditions!

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Agency services

  • Concept development
  • Responsive web design
  • Website relaunch or creation of a new web presence
  • Programming and web hosting
  • App and mobile applications
  • Interactive microsites
  • E-commerce
  • Corporate graphic design
  • Usability and conversion optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEA)
  • Content marketing
  • Consulting and training
  • Social media marketing

Industry competencies

  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Industry
  • Healthcare
  • Service provider
  • Trade
  • Public sector
  • Non-profit

How to implement your digital projects faster and stay on budget, guaranteed:

"Lean & Agile - No more waste!"

Tell us what goals you want to achieve - we'll tell you how to get there without detours. We are purely focused on your goals, we leave out everything superfluous - in the implementation and in organizational processes. This is what we mean by a lean way of working. No more waste - no unnecessary "garbage" that wastes your money.


Your advantages with a professional online marketing agency

With an online marketing agency, you trust an industry expert to guide you in conception and implementation. Marketing on the Internet has changed over the last 20 years, making it necessary to implement complex and sophisticated campaigns. This is even more true when your company's direct competitors are running effective online marketing.

At the heart of a good marketing strategy is achieving top positions on Google. The world's most important search engine is the central point of contact when you want to find new customers and existing customers are looking for information. Without search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA) measures, your competitors will appear in top positions. Don't leave them the field for new customers without a fight - an experienced online agency will help you.

As an online marketing agency with many years of experience, we support you in the professional planning and implementation of your online marketing measures. Benefit from promising advantages:


Targeted marketing strategy

If the top positions on Google are fiercely contested, the smallest details in your online marketing strategy matter. These can be technically optimized with the help of software and tools. A professional partner has such tools and can effectively help you with your marketing strategy.

Efficient marketing

With a professional on your side, you save cash that would otherwise be wasted on ill-considered marketing campaigns with high wastage. An online agency, on the other hand, is clearly oriented towards your budget and shows you how to achieve maximum visibility online with it.

Experienced partner

Save yourself and your marketing department a lot of effort in an area where you have little expertise. Leave the entry into online marketing to an experienced partner who knows what makes your target group tick and which communication solutions are therefore suitable.

Success-oriented measures

Your company from Bielefeld is an expert in your industry. Likewise, there are real professionals who can help you with issues such as web development or search engine optimization. Experience how you can make progress with support from a professional and how new successes in marketing can be seen after a short time.

Therefore trust in BRUNS_digital

As an online marketing agency for Bielefeld, East Westphalia and the whole of Germany, BRUNS_digital combines a wealth of experience in online marketing with innovative and creative ideas.

Our team has its finger on the pulse when it comes to online marketing. We know the needs of companies in all industries and show you how an individual and clever marketing mix can bring you forward!


The most important disciplines in online marketing at a glance

Whether homepage or e-commerce, marketing on the Internet is multifaceted and must fit your company and your target group.

In fact, the term online marketing is very multifaceted and includes a variety of methods and measures. As an experienced online marketing agency, it is our job to find the perfect mix of different methods and disciplines for your company.

The following is a basic overview of the areas in which our experienced marketing team will be happy to support you:

The term search engine marketing refers to online strategies and methods with which you want to convince search engines such as Google. The goal is to achieve the best positions on Google for relevant search queries and to be displayed higher than direct competitors in the Bielefeld region.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential part of search engine marketing. We are happy to perform an SEO status analysis and show you how your website or store can be improved in terms of content and technology. We will then implement appropriate measures for you, from SEO-compliant text creation to up-to-date web design.

For quick success or up-to-date offers, it is recommended to implement additional measures of search engine advertising (SEA). For this, Google Ads offers itself as a platform to place advertisements directly via the search engine. With this commercial form of search engine marketing, we develop the appropriate concept for you according to your budget.

The demands of Internet users and search engines like Google have changed over the years. Both want high-quality content and trust retailers and companies that stand for quality and expertise. Content marketing aims at this and focuses on inspiring trust with strong content and establishing you as an expert.

Our online marketing agency will be happy to conduct a content audit for you to check the quality of your current content. After this, we will create an editorial plan and help to effectively use your website, blog or social media for your online marketing with new content.

If you already have good content online, we will be happy to refine it. For the implementation of the created editorial plans, you do not have to worry about anything else, because our agency also takes care of the content posting.

If you want to convince loyal customers or business partners in the B2B sector with strong online marketing, email marketing is the way to go. Emails are a valuable information carrier that you can use in many ways. Put new products, services or your company from Bielefeld in the right light with exciting emails without your messages being perceived as spam.

Email marketing and content marketing are closely related. In this area, we also create editorial plans and ensure that high-quality mail content convinces the recipient. Thanks to marketing automation, it is possible to generate the content of many mails automatically. In the long term, this significantly reduces your effort in email marketing.

The technical level is essential for strong marketing and good visibility on search engines like Google. User-friendliness and an appealing web design are important for an optimal user experience (UX), otherwise your content will not even be noticed and appreciated. The same applies to the operation of your website and a modern user interface (UI). Would you like to offer your users web support in the future?

As a partner for web programming and web design, our online marketing agency will accompany you competently in this area as well. We develop contemporary and mobile optimized websites, we are also happy to re-launch your existing site. The result is a UX that does not slow down the customer journey and increases the chances of purchase or booking.

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Our main services - step by step
to success

The success of your marketing strategy is not a product of chance. Rather, the chances of your success can be increased by a clever and proven approach.

At BRUNS_digital, our main services follow a three-step concept that we have been using successfully for many years.

The following is an overview of our special approach for your individual marketing strategy:

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Idea & Strategy

At the beginning of every good marketing is the right idea. We will be happy to develop this together with you, for example in a workshop under your roof. We analyze your previous marketing activities, take a look at your target group and much more.

Based on this information, we take a targeted approach and develop ideas about which communication channels will work for your company's strong online marketing. We combine these findings into a strong, individual marketing strategy.

In constant exchange and with expert advice, we respond to your wishes and suggestions.

Development & Implementation

As soon as the concept for your success-oriented online marketing in Bielefeld is ready, we take care of the professional implementation.

On a technical level, we provide professional web programming to create an appealing interface for all devices. Here you enjoy the security of a professional web development that will help you for years to come.

On the content level, we create new content for your website or social media marketing. If you don't use social media yet or want to run your own company blog for the first time, we will gladly introduce it as part of your marketing strategy. All measures are then implemented according to a fixed schedule.

Optimization & Performance

Every good marketing strategy includes a long-term evaluation of the measures taken.

We are happy to analyze the performance and find out in which areas the measures are already a complete success. In other areas, we take care of optimization - after all, your target group's preferences change just like your competitors' measures.

For strategies and methods that are demonstrably successful, we support you with marketing automation. This ensures minimal effort in the short and long term and helps you save a lot of money and effort for your online marketing in the months and years to come.

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What you can expect from us

  • A professional and sympathetic team of experts
  • Individual solutions and proven standards that your target group will love
  • Highest development quality through QM workflows already in the development process
  • Efficient and transparent workflows through agile project management
  • Websites that achieve your goals - promised!
  • Consultation at eye level, taking into account your goals and budget
  • Long-term & value-based cooperation


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