There are many ways to create your own online store. In addition, in today's online shopping world, there are many important factors to consider in order to prepare your online shop in a customer-friendly way.

Do you want to set up your online shop in line with the times and choose the right shop system?

The free guide shows you which e-commerce trends should not be neglected and which features a professional online shop should have.

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Why a professional online shop is essential today

In the B2C sector, online shops have long been an undisputed and decisive economic factor.

Around 69 million end consumers in Germany use e-commerce solutions to purchase physical goods of all kinds. This results in an annual turnover of almost 34 billion euros.

In the B2B sector, a change from classic telephone orders to direct online shop orders can also be seen.

At the latest since the beginning of the Corona era, it is essential for B2B companies to provide their customers with a digital platform.

The integration and networking of complex sales processes in digital processing methods also offers the opportunity to save time and costs for companies.

It can be assumed that the existence of an online shop is already part of customer expectations; "mobile first" is a basic requirement. Only those companies that promptly establish a professional online shop will be able to operate competitively on the market in the long term.

The free guide answers questions like:

  • How have the buying processes changed today and especially in times of Corona?
  • Why is it worthwhile for B2B companies to have their own online shop, especially in this time?
  • What does a professional online shop have to offer today?
  • Which shop system suits your individual goals and what advantages does it bring with it?
  • Which legal requirements must be taken into account?
  • What steps need to be taken into account when designing the perfect online shop?
  • Which trends should not be ignored?
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Selection of popular shop systems

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Customer testimonials

"It is extremely important to adapt the concept of one's own digital presence to the current market conditions. After the launch of our new online shop, we found that we were able to tap into additional new customer groups, which we had not been aware of before."

Jessica Ilsen, Managing Director, Head of Online Marketing Trusetal Verbandstoffwerke GmbH

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