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A diverse online marketing matching your target group is the key to convince Google and other search engines, as well as the user of your website.

From a contemporary programming to an appealing web design to the use of social media, the possibilities range to position yourself digitally better than your competitors.

Our online agency's web marketing includes tailored services to suit you, covering all relevant aspects of web development, SEO, email marketing and more.

We provide full-service support for you and your marketing goals online and manage all your digital marketing channels as a long-term partner.

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Agency services

  • Concept development
  • Responsive web design
  • Website relaunch or creation of a new website
  • Programming and web hosting
  • App and mobile applications
  • Interactive microsites
  • E-commerce
  • Corporate graphic design
  • Usability and conversion optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEA)
  • Content marketing
  • Consulting and training
  • Social media marketing

Industry competencies

  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Industry
  • Healthcare
  • Service provider
  • Trade
  • Public sector
  • Non-Profit

How to implement your digital projects faster and stay on budget, guaranteed:

"Lean & Agile - No more waste!"

Tell us what goals you want to achieve - we tell you how to get there without detours. We are purely focused on your goals, we leave out everything superfluous - in the implementation and in organizational processes. This is what we mean by a lean way of working. No more waste - no unnecessary "rubbish" that wastes your money.


What are the advantages of working with a professional marketing agency?

No company, regardless of size and industry, can do without advertising and marketing. Whether you are regionally active in Düsseldorf or worldwide, everywhere you should remain in the consciousness of your customers and prevail against direct competitors. This happens with effective marketing that shifts more and more to the Internet with each passing year.

Simply running a homepage or a social media account on Facebook alone is not enough for strong online marketing. Delivering exciting content to old and new customers on a regular basis ensures that you are permanently in the back of their minds and perceived as a strong partner. With the right online search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing measures, you'll also win over Google and Bing to achieve top rankings for relevant search queries.

Communicating on many different channels is a prerequisite to running strong online marketing. Whether it's a website or company blog, social media or emails, your customers and prospects need a variety of touch points.

This is where BRUNS_digital comes into play as an online marketing agency from Düsseldorf:

We bring order to the plethora of marketing measures and help our clients to conduct online marketing with a clear strategy. We show you how to optimise your digital presence and with which measures you can best reach your target group.


Competence and creativity also for
your industry

Our Düsseldorf agency brings many years of experience with clients from a wide range of industries.

We constantly follow the changes in the digital world and know what your ideal customers and the world's most important search engines want. We incorporate this into our strategic planning to provide you with targeted marketing without stress, effort and unnecessary costs.

As an agency for online marketing, we stand for creative ideas and proven methods with which you can conduct effective marketing online. Oriented to your objectives and your budget, we help you to win new customers in the Rhineland and nationwide and to increase brand loyalty to existing customers.


Technical know-how meets creativity

Our online agency combines expertise in web development and user experience with creative ideas for web design and more. Trust in a partner who accompanies your online marketing in full service.

Individual approaches for your company

Every company and every target group is individual. We are aware of this, which is why we develop individual concepts to suit the customer. Your online marketing becomes as unique as you are.

Comprehensive support in all areas

Modern online marketing has many faces that companies are often unaware of. Some forgo approaches such as email marketing or social media marketing out of ignorance. This is where we come in competently.

Reliable work according to your budget

We know from experience how often tight budgets have to be calculated in marketing and sales. Basically, a strong online marketing is to operate in every budget framework. Here we advise you and always find suitable solutions.

We bring you forward profitably

The use of various marketing measures will only bring you and your online marketing forward if they are coordinated and carried out with a clear concept. Modern online marketing is more than the implementation of individual measures, but should be done with sense and reason. Not least to save your marketing budget.

Our online marketing agency from Düsseldorf will help you with this and find the ideal marketing mix, with which we will bring your company forward in the short and long term.

Below is an overview of the most important services of our online agency, which you can use for your own personal marketing mix:

We analyse the preferences of your target group in the digital world and the efforts of your competitors. Based on this, you develop the right strategy with us to drive your online marketing forward.

Maybe you don't yet know in which networks your target group is mainly active and what the preferred ways of online communication with each other are. We find this out and build strong marketing solutions on this.

Present yourself in an appealing and diverse way with a design that is adapted to the digital world. We would be happy to develop your first web design for you or redesign your corporate identity.

Bring your website or online shop online with professional and responsive programming. This convinces users on all devices, as well as Google and other search engines.

Rely on various search engine optimization (SEO) measures to convince Google and other search engines. We help you to get relevant content, the right link structure and more.

Use Facebook, Instagram & Co. to show direct proximity to your customers and retain their loyalty in the long term. We regularly provide suitable content and promote communication with your brand fans.

Present exciting, SEO-relevant and informative content with which you are perceived online as an expert in your industry. Our online agency in Düsseldorf helps you regularly with new topics and content.

Rely on custom newsletters and personalized communication to engage old and new customers. Emails have lost none of their relevance, especially when dealing with B2B customers.

With a clever automation of many measures, your effort in the implementation of marketing measures is reduced to a minimum. We would also be happy to take over the ongoing success monitoring of all online measures for you.

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Our three main services
at a glance

For a marketing strategy that works, you go through various phases with our agency. This proven concept brings your website or your e-commerce forward and ensures short and long-term trust of old and new customers. Below is an overview of our three project phases, which will also get your web marketing going.

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Idea & Strategy

In the first phase it is important to find an idea for your web marketing with suitable methods.

For this, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of your industry and target group, as well as for the marketing measures of the direct competition. Based on this, we sit down with you and develop the appropriate marketing strategy.

We will gladly involve your marketing department or conduct training sessions and workshops in order to arrive at the ideal approach together.

Development & Implementation

Once we have agreed on a concept, we create the technical basis for successful online marketing through professional web development.

This often includes the re-launch of your website with a contemporary web design as well as the development of strong content for a functioning content marketing.

Depending on the strategy, further communication channels such as a company blog or social media are opened or used strategically for the first time. The same applies to the implementation of concepts in email marketing.

Optimization & Performance

Good online marketing can only work if strengths and weaknesses are regularly reviewed and a targeted adjustment to the target group and market development takes place.

Here we offer you comprehensive web support and carry out ongoing strategic analyses that serve as the basis for optimisation.

This also applies to the adjustment of marketing automation, so that a large number of your digital advertising measures contribute to your success by themselves.

Contemporary web marketing - we are there for you!

Online marketing should not remain a red rag for you and your employees. For this reason, comprehensive web support and training for your marketing team is close to our hearts. We are convinced that you should fully understand and support our concepts and measures. Only in this way can the developed online marketing strategy become part of your company culture and be successful in the long term.

Our online marketing agency in Düsseldorf combines the expertise of web developers, designers, marketing professionals and other specialists. Together, we are the ideal partner for all digital challenges your company wants to face.

Simply contact us to rely on experience and a clear approach to online marketing right from the start. We provide you with expert support and stand for tailor-made solutions that make your company visible in the digital world.

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You would like to learn more about the concept of our online marketing agency in Düsseldorf?

Contact us and get to know more advantages and strengths of our versatile and creative company in a non-binding initial meeting.

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What you can expect from us

  • A professional and sympathetic team of experts
  • Individual solutions and proven standards that your target group will love
  • Highest development quality through QM workflows already in the development process
  • Efficient and transparent processes through agile project management
  • Websites that achieve your goals - that's a promise!
  • Consultation at eye level taking into account your goals and budget
  • Long-term & value-based cooperation


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