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The future of sales and marketing lies in the Internet. Many companies from Hanover and the surrounding Lower Saxony region are aware of this, but usually lack experience in online marketing. To enter here in time and to start with the right marketing strategy assures you success before your direct competitors and convinces new customers as well as Google and other search engines.

p2 media helps you as an online marketing agency to reach new customers in Hannover and all over Northern Germany.

We are a well-coordinated team that covers all relevant areas of modern online marketing. Whether search engine optimization (SEO), web design or social media marketing, we put together a mix of strong marketing measures and communication solutions that fits your company. The result is marketing that perfectly suits you and the digital zeitgeist.

Trust p2 media to combine years of experience in online marketing with creative and individual approaches to your marketing strategy. We look forward to you and accompany you full-service - from the first brainstorming to the long-term optimization.

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Agency services

  • Concept development
  • Responsive web design
  • Website relaunch or creation of a new web presence
  • Programming and web hosting
  • App and mobile applications
  • Interactive microsites
  • E-commerce
  • Corporate graphic design
  • Usability and conversion optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEA)
  • Content marketing
  • Consulting and training
  • Social media marketing

Industry competencies

  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Industry
  • Healthcare
  • Service provider
  • Trade
  • Public sector
  • Non-profit

How to implement your digital projects faster and stay on budget, guaranteed:

"Lean & Agile - No more waste!"

Tell us what goals you want to achieve - we'll tell you how to get there without detours. We are purely focused on your goals, we leave out everything superfluous - in the implementation and in organizational processes. This is what we mean by a lean way of working. No more waste - no unnecessary "garbage" that wastes your money.


Your advantages of a professional online marketing agency

A digital marketing agency is your contact in all matters of advertising and marketing on the Internet.

With proven strategies and methods, an online marketing agency in the Hanover region or nationwide assures you of success, which you define in advance. Maybe you focus on the acquisition of new customers or want to establish yourself in the long term as a brand or expert in the digital world? All of this is possible with the right marketing strategy, and working with an experienced online marketing agency ensures numerous benefits without contradiction to your in-house marketing department in Hannover. On the contrary: Your in-house employees can concentrate on their core business and learn step by step what is important for marketing on the Internet nowadays.

Enjoy these strong advantages to go along with it:


Customized communication solution

With an experienced online marketing agency, you make the best use of your marketing budget. Don't lose money through wastage due to a lack of experience in online marketing. Let us simply show you the ideal communication solutions that are feasible with your budget and bring success.

Efficient marketing

In addition to the costs, you also reduce the time required until your marketing on the Internet shows the desired success. With amateurish online marketing, several months pass quickly until changes in search engines or customer contact can be seen. This process can be noticeably accelerated with an experienced agency.

Target group specific strategy

Topics such as search engine optimization (SEO) and web development have become increasingly complex over the years. Specific tools and applications are needed for a strategic analysis of your target group and the implementation of appropriate measures. These bring an experienced agency and help from day one.

Well thought-out marketing mix

Good marketing in the digital world is more than just implementing individual marketing measures. Rather, it depends on a clever mix of different measures, especially when your competitors do not sleep and aim for top positions in search engines. An agency with many years of experience offers you more than the sum of the individual parts.

Therefore trust in p2 media

We are a full-service agency that accompanies you in all steps of digital marketing.

We ensure your company in Hannover, Havelse, Göttingen or other regions of Lower Saxony an individual service with which you distinguish yourself recognizably from your competition. Simply get in touch and let us convince you of our approach.


Online marketing in Hannover - the most important disciplines

As a full-service agency, we offer you more than individual services to increase your visibility on the web. We care about achieving a coherent and sustainable optimization of your web presence with our methods and communication solutions. This includes various strategies and disciplines that we master as a professional online marketing agency.

Below is an overview of the most important disciplines from which we compile your ideal marketing mix:

Customers old and new don't look for information anywhere on the Internet. Similar to yourself, Google and other search engines are the most important starting points to learn more about products or services. It is therefore important for you to achieve better rankings than your competitors in the Hanover region and throughout Germany. This covers the discipline of search engine marketing.

Search engine marketing can be roughly divided into the areas of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA). In the context of SEO, we perform a comprehensive analysis of what strengths and weaknesses your site currently has in the eyes of Google and other search engines. After that we start the optimization, for example by SEO-compliant texts and the appropriate web design.

With search engine advertising you address potential customers directly on Google. Depending on your budget, we place ads on Google Ads and other platforms, for example as social media marketing. Thus, you will be displayed in the first place in social networks and search engines to pick up old and new customers directly.

Strong content is essential to convince the human customer and Google of the quality and professionalism of your website. Over the years, the demands of your customers have changed, and they want to get as much information as possible about your products and services online. Crude advertising promises are no longer enough to win over a new generation of customers.

This is where content marketing comes in, to combine SEO measures with really high-quality content. As part of a content audit, we find out how high-quality your current information is online. On this basis, we create editorial plans and bring content online that convinces website visitors as well as Google.

Of course, you do not have to take care of the content creation yourself. We create it, maintain it and control in the long term which content leads to success. If you already have good content in the digital world, we will be happy to refine it.

As an information and advertising medium, e-mails are underestimated by many companies. Of course, you don't want frequent mailings to be perceived as spam by your customers. With well thought-out and strategic e-mail marketing, you can prevent this and significantly strengthen the closeness to your customers.

Email marketing is particularly effective in the B2B sector. Use the direct contact to partners and business customers and design emails that are really interesting for the recipient. As part of marketing automation, you don't have to send all the content yourself at the right time - the system does it for you and adapts the content to the user and the respective touchpoint of the customer journey. It is also possible to customize the content so that each recipient receives an email that matches their interests.

The expectations of old and new customers are not only reflected in strong content that we offer you with our content marketing. Expectations have also risen on a technical level. For customers, the all-round user experience (UX) is crucial, i.e. satisfaction when using your web offerings. This ranges from an intuitive web design to competent web support.

The user interface (UI) also plays a role in the UX. This refers to the visible platform you offer your customers with a modern and mobile web design. We are happy to take over the launch or relaunch of your company homepage and assure you of contemporary web programming that meets all current standards. Improve the customer journey of your customers in Hanover and nationwide, not to be deterred online by a poor appearance.

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The main services of our online marketing agency

For your success in web marketing, our agency relies on a proven concept in three steps.

Get to know our success steps and experience how they promote your success on the Internet with clever and coordinated communication solutions:

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Idea & Concept

In the first phase, we work with you to develop ideas on how best to address your target group on the Internet. We conduct our own analyses or hold workshops at your company in Hanover to jointly find suitable, creative approaches for your online marketing.

On this basis, we design a marketing strategy that fits your company and your customers' preferences. Whether social media, content marketing, e-commerce or the introduction of a company blog - we design the ideal marketing concept and address your individual wishes and specifications.

Development & Implementation

Oriented to the defined strategy, we take care of the professional implementation in the next step. On a technical level, this leads to a strong interface design, for example with new and mobile web programming and an appealing web design. This also includes the introduction to social media and other communication channels.

On the content level, we create editorial plans and strong content that will inspire old and new customers online. We put all content online according to a clear schedule and use this marketing strategy to create synergetic effects that go beyond the impact of individual marketing measures.

Optimization & Performance

In the weeks and months following the implementation of our marketing strategy, p2 media does not leave you alone. We make the success of our measures measurable and show you where the most profitable opportunities arise. In the same way we optimize all measures, as a result of which the ranking in the search engines is constantly improved.

What has proven successful and should bring you lasting success, we hand over to our Marketing Automation. In this way, you will continuously achieve strong success in online marketing with the least amount of effort. In all phases we are in constructive and cooperative exchange with your company in Hannover.

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You are curious about how you and your company in Hannover can benefit from a well thought-out and strategic marketing?

Just come to us and talk to us without obligation.

Our Online Agency Hanover will help you competently and develop communication solutions together with you that work today and tomorrow!


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What you can expect from us

  • A professional and sympathetic team of experts
  • Individual solutions and proven standards that your target group will love
  • Highest development quality through QM workflows already in the development process
  • Efficient and transparent workflows through agile project management
  • Websites that achieve your goals - promised!
  • Consultation at eye level, taking into account your goals and budget
  • Long-term & value-based cooperation


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