Why do you do SEO - search engine optimization?

Nowadays, if a company cannot be found on the internet, the potential customer does not know it!
The importance of the search engine is writ large here. A company that does not appear on the first search results page of Google and other search engines cannot stand up to the competition. This is because the competition has already snatched up the potential target customers.

In order for companies, manufacturers or retailers to be found by their target customers on the Internet, the basics of SEO should be observed first and foremost. Then it is important to optimize them with the help of regular reporting in SEO (search engine optimization). 

What does one do in SEO? How do you improve SEO?

Search engine optimization is a constantly living process, adapted to the needs of the customers, the Google search algorithm, the Web Vitals (metrics for classifying the user experience of websites), the Google Mobile First Index and also technical requirements are essential here. 

A holistic ranking improvement in the search engines includes the optimization of the most important ranking factors after the regularly conducted SEO status analysis: 

Mobile capability
Keywords and backlinks
user experience
Content strategy in the various channels

Search engine optimization (SEO) as a sub-discipline of online marketing achieves better visibility for target customers compared to the competition. Here, it is important to satisfy those at the appropriate touchpoints of your customer journey and to generate and retain them as buyers. In doing so, the latest trends should not be ignored.

In addition, paid search engine advertising (SEA) and other online marketing measures can contribute to increasing the conversion rate as a perfect combination in the holistic SEM (search engine marketing) strategy.