What is the Customer Journey?

The customer journey is the journey in which companies repeatedly address their target customers with their product or service, help them, advise them and satisfy them. Always with the aim of concluding a purchase. This journey takes place digitally via different online channels and touchpoints.

An individually created buyer persona helps companies to know the needs of their target group more precisely and to present suitable solutions accordingly. 

What are touchpoints?

Generally speaking: 
The better companies know their potential customers, the better they can offer them suitable help:

  • What problem does the customer want to solve?
  • On which channels can the customer best be reached?

The touchpoints of the customer journey are the points of contact at which companies can get in touch with the potential customer directly or indirectly through their products or services. 
Digital touchpoints can be:

  • Newsletter
  • Personalized product offers on a page
  • Social media
  • Paid advertising - ads
  • Recommendations from influencers, friends, PR, etc.  

What is a Customer Journey Map?

An individually created customer journey map shows the path of the "customer purchase experience", on the basis of which the various touchpoints of the customer journey can be precisely traced. This "map" enables a more precise playout of precisely fitting content (solution proposals) at the appropriate touchpoints. 

What are the individual phases of the customer journey?

The customer journey is divided into different "buying experience" phases of a customer:

Attention - the potential customer's attention is captured.
Interest - the interest in a product or service is aroused
Desire - the need to buy arises
Action - the purchase is made

Once you have captured the attention of a potential customer, you need to arouse their interest, which in turn, in the best case, should lead to a desire to buy and ultimately to purchase.

What is customer experience?

A positive customer experience throughout the entire customer journey, i.e. a positive customer experience, leads to the return of satisfied customers and thus to the desired customer loyalty to the brand. In addition, the customer is willing to recommend the product or service to others. This highlights the competence and authenticity of the manufacturer and creates new potential for generating new customers.