Evolutionary change with Kanban.

Our Managing Director Michael Koch successfully completed the Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) and Kanban Coaching Practices (KCP) modules on 13.12.2019 and thus received the KANBAN COACHING PROFESSIONALcertification.

Kanban is an agile method for evolutionary change management, which enables companies to continuously review themselves and to identify and implement necessary changes and optimization with the constantly changing market requirements.

What is KANBAN?

Kanban provides timely high transparency about project progress and acute problems, which allows shorter lead times of the work packages to be realized.

A big advantage of Kanban is obvious: It allows little to no resistance during the introduction in the company.


Application areas of Kanban

As testimonials from around the world show, Kanban can be used in many different areas: From small agencies and startups to traditional medium-sized companies or larger web platforms to international corporations. KANBAN can be seen not only in pure software development, but also in areas such as maintenance, system administration and of course in marketing and sales.

This is made possible by a holistically transparent and reliable system. Projects are divided into individual subtasks, making it possible to see at any time which work process is currently in which status. In addition, the system signals whether capacities for taking on new work or possible bottlenecks are available. An overview of all processes and ongoing projects is provided by the Kanban Board, which can be viewed by every employee at any time and new tasks can be processed according to the pull principle.

The Kanban process is individually developed and flexibly adapted to internal customer needs as well as company or product/service requirements. With growing experience and gained knowledge the system is permanently developing further, which results in a constant optimization of new possibilities.

Thefocus is not (as is so often the case) on "agile" action, but on the continuous improvement of services for customers, which reflects a decisive approach to the corporate mentality. We, too, are continuously working on making our processes flexible and transparent at all times in order to quickly demonstrate target-oriented results for our customers. The consistent application of agile processes enables us to achieve goals in a time and cost effective manner and to achieve a high level of appreciation for our customers.

After we successfully introduced our Kanban system in 2018, it is now continuously and systematically developing.

The Coaching Professional topics were among others:

Kanban Maturity Model

  • Assess maturity levels of organizations defined by behavioral patterns, depth of implementation of Kanban practices, and economic results achieved.
  • Architecture of the Kanban Maturity Model
  • The evolution of fit-for-purpose organizations
  • Cultural values and leadership practices that influence the evolutionary development of agility in organizations
  • Recognizing and helping to avoid flawed Kanban implementations
  • Mappings betweenKMM and other models such as Lean/TPS and CMMI
  • Advanced Kanban practices to manage services and projects

Kanban Coaching Practices

  • Social Contextual Mappings
  • Identify tribes and informal social groups
  • Define, model, and predict behavioral identity
  • Tools, actions, behaviors, and values to change sociology and culture
  • identify, analyze, model, and strengthen social cohesion, innovation, chapters
  • improve trust and social chapter
  • identify typical barriers and inertias for maturity levels 2, 3 and 4
  • coach common objections
  • implement Service Delivery Management (SDM) and Service Request Manager
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