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The acquisition of new customers and the support of your regular customers is increasingly shifting to the Internet. Whether homepage, social media or informative e-mails - online marketing is nowadays probably the most important component of a successful marketing strategy. Unfortunately, many companies in Dortmund and the Ruhr area often underestimate the potential of contacting customers digitally or lack the necessary know-how and capacity.

With an online marketing agency at your side, you can master the entry into online marketing. A specialist and full-service partner in this field will help you from brainstorming to developing a smart marketing strategy and optimizing your marketing performance. An experienced online marketing agency knows which communication solutions work in your industry and for your target audience. Convince visitors to your website and social networks, as well as Google, with up-to-date search engine optimization.

We at p2 media are your contact for companies in Dortmund and throughout Germany when it comes to developing fully-fledged online marketing campaigns. Our agency covers all important service areas of modern marketing and paves the way for you and your company into a successful, digital future.

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Agency services

  • Concept development
  • Responsive web design
  • Website relaunch or creation of a new web presence
  • Programming and web hosting
  • App and mobile applications
  • Interactive microsites
  • E-commerce
  • Corporate graphic design
  • Usability and conversion optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEA)
  • Content marketing
  • Consulting and training
  • Social media marketing

Industry competencies

  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Industry
  • Healthcare
  • Service provider
  • Trade
  • Public sector
  • Non-profit

How to implement your digital projects faster and stay on budget, guaranteed:

"Lean & Agile - No more waste!"

Tell us what goals you want to achieve - we'll tell you how to get there without detours. We are purely focused on your goals, we leave out everything superfluous - in the implementation and in organizational processes. This is what we mean by a lean way of working. No more waste - no unnecessary "garbage" that wastes your money.


Advantages of our online marketing agency

An online marketing agency will further help your company in Dortmund to bring a strong marketing into the online world. Already for small and medium sized companies it is important to achieve top positions on Google and a high visibility on the internet for old and new customers. Here p2 media helps you with strategically coordinated online campaigns and concepts that fit your company and your online marketing goals. Most companies are aware that advertising and new customer acquisition are increasingly taking place in the online world. Even if you are regionally active with your Dortmund company, your (potential) customers will most likely want to find you via a Google search or Google Adwords. Without the use of online communication solutions you leave the field to your direct competitors.

As an experienced online marketing agency, we passionately support you in the fight for the best ranking. And that's not all - you benefit from the following factors thanks to professional online marketing by p2media:


Professional online strategy

If companies lack experience in online marketing, expensive expenses and high wastage are unfortunately not uncommon. With our agency, you don't pay expensive apprenticeship money and benefit from a functioning online strategy right from the start, with which you increase the traffic of your website and improve your Google ranking.

Efficient marketing

In addition to costs, you also save time if you seek cooperation with an experienced and professional online agency. Especially in search engine optimization, weeks and months can pass before you see visible success. With proven online strategies of an agency you reduce the duration and can prevail faster against your competitors on the Internet.

All-round expertise

Many companies have heard of web development/web design and search engine optimization and carry out measures themselves in their IT and online marketing departments. However, they often lack the expertise or technical tools to intelligently design and optimize their holistic marketing strategy. This is exactly what we have as an online marketing agency.

Digital visibility

The top positions on Google or Bing are fiercely contested. Single measures in content marketing or search engine optimization (SEO) are hardly sufficient anymore to secure good positions. A strategic approach with online marketing in many facets is essential, which we guarantee you as an online marketing agency at fair prices.

Therefore trust in p2 media

p2 media combines many years of experience in online projects of diverse industries with far-reaching marketing competences. Whether web development, email marketing or social media marketing, with us you get everything from a single source and oriented to your wishes and budget.


Online Marketing Dortmund - the most important disciplines

Contemporary online marketing is made up of many disciplines. Depending on the industry and your goals in online marketing, focal points can be set in individual disciplines to achieve the perfect marketing mix for your company in Dortmund.

In the following, you will get to know the most important online marketing disciplines that p2 media fully covers.

We would be happy to work with you to develop the ideal online strategy as a combination of these and other services:

Search engine marketing, or SEM for short, includes all measures with which your company can achieve the best positions on Google and other search engines. Only if you are found here, potential customers can become aware of you and learn more about your website, social media or your company blog.

One discipline in search engine marketing is search engine advertising, or SEA for short. These are commercial ads that you can place via Google Ads and are displayed in front of the organic search results. We show you how to plan and implement an Ads strategy with any budget. Especially for new websites and current offers the right step.

More sustainable and basically free of charge are measures of search engine optimization (SEO). We are happy to perform a status analysis, which weak points your current online presence has from Google's point of view. Afterwards, we will help you with everything from the creation of SEO-compliant texts to a contemporary web design that plays just as well into the search engine rankings.

Whether on your homepage or in articles on Facebook and Instagram, strong content convinces real visitors and search engines alike. But what distinguishes good content on the Internet? This is the discipline of content marketing, in which we help you analyze and create content of all kinds.

In the first step, our content audit helps you to evaluate your current content and to identify strengths and weaknesses. In the next step, we create an editorial plan for you and show you how quality and regularity influence your content strategy.

We also help you in the further steps from the regular integration of content to the refinement of existing content. Establish yourself as an expert in your industry and at the same time incorporate aspects of search engine optimization so that Google also recognizes the quality of your content and honors it with top rankings.

With email writing you can reach customers and business partners in seconds, especially in the B2B sector. With clever e-mail marketing, you will be remembered and inform about news and products of your company in Dortmund without your mails being considered as spam by the recipient.

We accompany you in this discipline from the development of suitable e-mail content to the strategic plan for sending the mails. Email marketing in particular offers you great potential for marketing automation, allowing you to significantly reduce the time and effort required to send out the mails.

Another strength of e-mail marketing: the content of the mails to your customers can be fully customized. To this end, we familiarize you with software and tools that compile suitable mails for the respective recipient step by step. The ideal approach to injecting momentum into your online marketing.

Top positions on Google should lead customers and prospects to a website that inspires them and fits perfectly with your company. The user interface (UI) should be clearly arranged and designed for all user devices. An appealing design and comprehensive web support also contribute to a positive user experience (UX).

We at p2 media cover all areas of web development and web design and show you how to convince old and new customers with a contemporary and creative website. In addition to new web projects, we are happy to take care of your existing website and relaunch it according to the standards of modern web development.

Experience how you can promote the customer journey with an appealing web design and a smart structure of your website. Of course, we incorporate trends and preferences of your industry and the unique character of your Dortmund company into the structure and design.

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The main services at a glance

We support companies in Dortmund and throughout Germany with a proven concept for maximum success in online marketing.

In doing so, we rely on an established three-step approach that also assures you the right online communication solutions for your target group:

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Idea & Strategy

Every strong marketing strategy needs an idea. And we develop this together with you and the employees of your marketing department. We would be happy to hold a workshop at your premises and together find approaches to how your future online marketing can work.

Based on our own experience and a comprehensive analysis of the current market, we develop a suitable online strategy. Here we determine which of the above-mentioned disciplines are particularly interesting for your company and contribute to a successful establishment of your company from Dortmund on the Internet.

Development & Implementation

Based on the marketing strategy we have developed for your company, we move on to implementation in the second step. Depending on the company and your current presence on the Internet, this includes the web programming of your new homepage, the creation of a new web design or the introduction to social media as communication channels.

The web development and implementation is an approach that is always state-of-the-art. This phase also includes the creation of editorial plans and the elaboration of all details for your content marketing.

Optimization & Performance

After a one-time introduction of your marketing strategy, we are happy to accompany you over weeks and months. With our tools, we can track exactly which online measures are working and where there is still a need for optimization. We will be happy to carry these out for you. Always keep in mind: your competition does not sleep and the demands of the digital world are constantly changing.

It is precisely these changes that we address and ensure smart marketing automation for online measures that work. This reduces your effort from the simple corporate website to e-commerce and ensures that successful online measures in content marketing, search engine optimization & Co. work continuously.

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Are you curious about how you and your company in Dortmund can benefit from well thought-out and strategic marketing?

Simply approach us and talk to us without obligation.

Our online agency Dortmund helps you competently and develops together with you communication solutions that work today and tomorrow!


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What you can expect from us

  • A professional and sympathetic team of experts
  • Individual solutions and proven standards that your target group will love
  • Highest development quality through QM workflows already in the development process
  • Efficient and transparent workflows through agile project management
  • Websites that achieve your goals - promised!
  • Consultation at eye level, taking into account your goals and budget
  • Long-term & value-based cooperation


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