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Everyone knows it: When opening the email client, messages appear that can be immediately classified as relevant, as well as messages whose sender is known and can be classified in a context with a certain relevance, but which nevertheless quickly go into the trash bin due to (mostly) inappropriate content. Such and similar sales approaches are in many cases the result of inadequate lead management or lead nurturing. The sender of the email may have been able to generate the recipient as a promising lead in advance, but is now unable to effectively use the resulting potential to acquire a new customer or, alternatively, to retain an existing customer. Day after day, immense resources are thus practically burned in content marketing. Therefore, in our two-part article, we would like to make you aware of specific marketing processes in B2B and the clear benefits of lead nurturing.

Was ist Lead-Nurturing

Maintaining existing customer contacts has always been an integral part of the process of selling goods and services. In times of very differentiated online marketing possibilities - among which lead generation and the resulting highly efficient marketing options have long since occupied a central spot - completely new challenges arise here, however. Lead nurturing, also called lead nurturing or marketing automation, takes care of these!

It encompasses all marketing measures that accompany prospects or even existing customers during the buying process and (at best) support them with real added value.


Why Lead Nurturing is Relevant for B2B Marketing

Many international studies have already dealt specifically with the benefits of lead nurturing. They all came to the consensus that optimally aligned lead management is one of the main prerequisites for maximum economic new customer acquisition as well as customer retention. For example, DemandGen found that relationship nurturing increases sales by an average of 20 percent and that skillful lead nurturing can generate 50 percent more ready-to-buy leads - at 33 percent lower costs. Furthermore, Annuitas Group demonstrated a 47 percent increase in purchase volume among appropriate lead nurturing campaigns. Juniper Research looked at email lead nurturing strategies and found that targeted messages lead to 18 times more revenue than impersonal off-the-shelf emails.

These numbers alone leave no doubt that any online marketer or business that wants to not only generate leads, but actually convert them into customers, will be hard pressed to avoid lead nurturing. Today, you need as much information as possible from your prospects in order to successfully drive sales of your goods or services. Only if you know your target groups well, you are able to convince them of your brand/your company. Nowadays, this can mostly only be achieved through unique marketing campaigns that are as personal as possible and precisely tailored.

In fact, not every prospect is ready to contact sales right away. A large proportion of leads want to receive information first so that they can plan further steps on the basis of this information. If you call these prospects immediately after receiving their information, they will be deterred rather than encouraged to use your services. The result is the loss of the prospect and a wasted opportunity to build long-term loyalty and improve your approach.

Advantages of Lead Nurturing

Many of the potential customers who browse your company website are not familiar with your products or services. They are hoping to find solutions to specific B2B problems with you. If you're successful at lead generation, it's often a clear sign that prospects recognize you as an expert in your field and can envision overcoming their challenges with the services you provide. Why else would they have submitted your data to you? Skillful lead nurturing continues to build your brand/company and expert status, ultimately leaving no doubt that you are the "Best Solution" for the job.

Lead generation or corresponding follow-up content marketing always goes hand in hand with communication to a significant extent. If the latter is perfectly aligned with the needs of the lead, the chances of closing a deal are particularly good. With automated nurturing or marketing automation, you can bridge the gap between particularly economical and maximally effective communication. You save time and still achieve tremendous value. Furthermore, lead nurturing can help to maintain interaction. Because suitable messages will sometimes convince leads of the benefits of your services again, even if they may no longer even consider the latter.

The likelihood of qualifying leads increases the sooner prospects are contacted after submitting their data. The simple reason for this is that prospects are most receptive to your solutions shortly after an appropriate consolidation of your web services, as the problem or challenge is red-hot. The positive impact of prompt follow-ups is basically obvious, yet still very few B2B companies take them into account.

By asking standardized, yet highly customized questions of your prospects and analyzing their responses to your lead nurturing, you'll get to know your leads and their specific challenges better and better. In turn, you can use these insights to take appropriate action. The result is an ever more personalized lead management, whose potential thus continues to grow and ultimately significantly supports sales.

Lead nurturing offers a very good basis on which services can also be offered outside of the specific lead context. However, these must not deviate too much from the B2B products or services that the lead is actually interested in. Because otherwise you are not doing lead nurturing, but simple advertising.

Of course, lead nurturing is primarily aimed at existing leads. However, if the content you provide is unique and actually adds value, chances are your leads will share it. This extends your reach and, at best, also prompts new prospects to take a closer look at your company website - to sign up for your newsletter or even to claim one of your services directly.

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Our support around the topic of lead management:

The generation of high-quality leads forms a significant key factor for long-term business success in B2B and B2C marketing.

  • We develop and implement successful lead generation concepts to make the most of your potential and create the right conditions for efficient and personalised marketing measures.
  • We support you in first defining and analysing your optimal target groups and then using relevant content to reach them exactly where they are digitally.
  • Together with you, we develop a practicalnurturing process to generate qualitative leads along the entire customer journey.

If desired, we will be happy to implement amarketing automation solution that complies with data protection regulations - support in both the selection of the right software and the implementation and monitoring of your campaigns.

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