No matter whether in large corporations or SMEs - marketing automation systems are extremely promising!

Businesses that rely on automated marketing ideally benefit from a highly efficient, holistic marketing that ultimately leads to a perfect customer overview, an optimal customer approach in content, lead generation as well as lead nurturing, a massive conversion increase and strong business relationships in the long run.

Evalanche, or rather the SC-Networks GmbH behind it, as a marketing software-as-service provider, has set itself the goal of creating precisely such conditions. The company wants to make a significant contribution to inspiring customers, which can be achieved with Evalanche primarily through a 360-degree view of the target group and an automated, targeted application of relevant information in customer communication.

Evalanche is designed to meet the high demands of German and European marketers, both functionally and in terms of security. The company has a strict security policy with TÜV certification (ISO 27001), certified interfaces and other renowned security awards, and is a member of the German Dialog Marketing Association (Deutscher Dialogmarketing Verband e. V.). Users therefore receive a marketing automation system that is fully compliant with the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO ).

What Evalanche can do in detail, why the software is special, what you should generally look for when choosing a marketing automation tool and other useful information on the subject can be read here!


What is and what does a Marketing Automation System actually do?

Marketing automation can provide an immense economization of digital customer acquisition and retention.

Basically, marketing automation enables truly goal-oriented customer experience management. Ideally, the appropriate software helps users to consolidate customer data from the most relevant sources and to gain an all-round view of their own target group.

Further information emerges in the course of the customer journey and, over time, provides an increasingly accurate picture of the target customers. Companies can then use this information as a basis for tailor-made marketing measures and provide seamless support to prospective and existing customers during their purchase decision and beyond.

The goal is usually to reach prospects across all touchpoints of their customer journey - to always address them at the right time, directly and personally at home, at work or on the road in all important channels. Email marketing automation offers first-class options for achieving this.

In fact, centralized processes via a marketing automation system are fast, easy and ultimately cost-effective. This means that users save a lot of time, which they can then invest in other areas of marketing that cannot (yet) be automated.

This ideally suggests to the respective target group a comprehensively individual, personal consideration of their prerequisites and concerns. This in turn increases the chances enormously that customers will buy again and again and perhaps even become real advocates of the brand.

What makes Evalanche so special as a marketing automation system?

The advantages of Evalanche at a glance:

Evalanche makes it possible to combine various centrally important business and marketing tools in one system. This gives users the opportunity to either connect existing applications to Evalanche or to use an integrated overall system.

Such a flexible, adaptable and easy-to-implement solution offers logical advantages over more static software, especially in view of today's rapidly changing customer needs and market developments.

The automated, targeted, personal approach to the respective target group can be easily organized with Evalanche using drag-and-drop.

The realization and management of landing pages, which play an important role in modern marketing and especially in lead generation, is similarly simple.

For corresponding work, Evalanche offers an integrated CMS, which also makes it possible to control the interaction with already existing websites.

The generated leads can be prepared for further steps in Evalanche via specific scoring & profiling in compliance with the GDPR.

Finally, the marketing automation system provides the target customers with the right content based on this evaluation.

The Campaign Designer from Evalanche can make a significant contribution to the success of this.

With the tool, automated real-time automation campaigns can be created easily and clearly.

Users can relatively quickly create different routes and campaigns of the respective customer journey and the lifecycle of your target customers and execute them completely automatically.

Thanks to personal tracking and an analysis of click behavior, the needs of both prospects and existing customers can be precisely evaluated and highly personalized campaigns can also be launched automatically via a wide variety of channels.

Real-time analysis, real-time reporting:

In order to be able to achieve an increase in ROI in the long term, the real-time analysis or real-time reporting of Evalanche is extremely helpful.

Even during ongoing playouts, statistical evaluations can be obtained, with the help of which users can efficiently optimise ongoing and subsequent campaigns.

Furthermore, Evalanche offers the opportunity to present activities in a visually impressive way and to export important data via API.

So that the entry into marketing automation with Evalanche can be particularly fast, easy and cost-effective, so-called Power Sets are offered.

These are immediately usable best practices for email automation, lead pages and automated sales funnels, which are field-tested and have proven themselves many times over.

In addition, Evalanche is designed to be multi-client capable.

The client management is significantly reduced by the possibility of functional mapping of different companies, an e-mailing roll-out function including integrated translation service and other specific tools in the administration effort.

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Digitalization Marketing: How does Evalanche support marketing?

Evalanche can actually influence marketing in a highly positive way on very different levels. As an example, we would like to give you some best-practice tips for the beneficial use of the Marketing Automation System.

The drastic change in information and buying behaviour in recent years increasingly requires a move away from batch-and-blast towards targeted, personalised messages. Such a focus leads to truly effective brand reinforcement, obtaining more qualified leads for sales, and better communication with existing customers, as well as increased customer lifetime value.

These goals can be achieved particularly efficiently with Evalanche. The system supports marketers in all central points of the realization of corresponding measures and automates them to a large extent.

Users of Evalanche always have a precise overview of all the following points via the comprehensive analytics tools and can intervene promptly if deficits or, of course, potentials, for example for new approaches to lead generation or social selling, become apparent at a certain point.

In this way, the software centrally delivers the data that is needed for a precise address of your own target group.

It is recommended to enrich your buyer personas with the data, on the basis of which lead generation, lead qualification and lead nurturing can be carried out via email marketing.

This can be done, for example, via website personalization or landing pages that provide interested parties with special content for the transmission of data.

With Evalanche, even trade fair leads can be integrated via digital questionnaires or business card scans.

An intelligent algorithm converts the latter directly into the appropriate digital format.

In addition, the satisfaction and loyalty of all existing customers must be strengthened with existing customer campaigns, and cross-selling and upselling revenues must be generated at the same time.

For example, Evalanche regularly informs customers about important events, new options, etc. in an automated manner. Depending on which facts are accepted by the recipients, the marketers or the software aligns further steps up to a new deal.

The information situation thus increases constantly, so that ultimately a seamlessly good customer experience can be achieved.

Digitization of sales processes: How does Evalanche support sales?

Not only marketing, but also sales can benefit enormously from Evalanche. The basis for measures here is largely identical to marketing. For sales people, the system also handles central to-dos in the areas of buyer personas, lead management, existing customer communication and data management. However, the intentions are of course different.

The core objective is to organize the sales process intelligently in order to conserve resources, generate more qualitative leads, increase closing rates and increase customer lifetime value.

Ideally, customers feel optimally served by sales at every point in their customer journey.

The following and other options of Evalanche contribute significantly to a considerable economization of typical processes in sales. By the way, Evalanche works smoothly together with the CRM system so that campaign data can be used advantageously for sales in the long term.

Evalanche once again provides the necessary data, which is summarized in buyer personas.

Now these personas and all other information are not only available to sales, but can be freely viewed between marketing and sales and edited or supplemented multi-directionally.

This enables salespeople to access more qualified leads more quickly in order to build a trusting relationship with them.

The risk of directly addressing leads too early is significantly lower with Evalanche.

The lead qualification or scoring & profiling required for this is ideally developed jointly by marketing and sales and can then work independently in Evalanche.

After closing, Evalanche enables automated onboarding measures to be carried out, with which the sales department provides new customers with tips, tricks and other important or further information on the purchase immediately after the sale.

Of course, cross-selling and upselling can be carried out effectively.

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How can a marketing automation system help with customer acquisition?

In most cases, marketing automation is closely related to the economization of lead management, which is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools for customer acquisition today.

In the course of lead generation, where, for example, special gated content is conveyed via a landing page in exchange for data, companies force an initial customer contact (lead). This usually involves a name and an email address.

A structured lead management helps to use such contact data of prospective customers in a target-oriented way.

Regardless of the size of the company, the organization and management of leads requires a comprehensive overview as well as continuous optimization. This applies all the more to the use of differentiated customer data that accumulates in the wake of the first lead contact.

Several thousand data sets can quickly be generated, which entail complex Big Data marketing. A manual process is highly inefficient here.

A marketing automation system, on the other hand, handles the corresponding processes very expediently - because they are actually largely autonomous.

What should you pay special attention to when choosing a marketing automation system?

There are many marketing automation systems on the market, almost all of which have their specific advantages and disadvantages. Of course, the basic performance is always important when choosing such a tool.

Nevertheless, a high-performance software is not necessarily the perfect solution for one's own purposes. Rather, the software should be able to precisely implement the company's own strategy or individual goals.

Accordingly, those responsible should answer typical strategic questions. Only then can software be purchased specifically to solve these challenges.

The following questions are almost always central:

  • Which marketing and sales goals are being pursued?
  • Which buyer personas are available?
  • How is the customer journey structured (especially in terms of content) - which questions must be answered and when in the buying process?
  • How and by what means can the questions be efficiently addressed or answered?
  • Are there any points in the sales process where there is a problem?

Conclusion: That's why Evalanche is the most sensible marketing automation system for German companies!

As a marketing automation system, Evalanche forms the technological basis for holistic marketing and efficient sales. Companies can successively build up specific customer profiles across the entire customer journey and effectively include all relevant channels, all touchpoints and the company divisions concerned.

Employees from marketing, sales and also support receive equal access to consolidated data, which ultimately makes it possible to make data-based decisions and to align subsequent measures across departmental boundaries extremely efficiently.

Evalanche is specially designed to meet the needs of German companies. With the integrated features, a majority of corresponding companies can achieve a considerable optimization. And data protection is not a problem either - Evalanche of course works absolutely DSGVO compliant.

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