Every company has a large amount of product information to manage - especially for sales, marketing and commerce purposes.

The global pandemic has increased the demand for digital commerce across all industries, further challenging companies to prepare product data even more efficiently to remain competitive in the age of digital transformation. We have summarized 5 testimonials that show how companies have been able to use Pimcore to make their processes more efficient in different ways and in combination with different systems.

Pimcore - a system for efficient product data management

First, a brief overview of what the Pimcore software is and why this system can optimize processes in various areas:

Pimcore is an open source product information management software that centralizes and harmonizes all sales, marketing, and technical product information of a company.

The software can capture and manage different types of digital data and make it centrally usable. It is designed for easy integration into existing IT system landscapes.

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What is the key advantage of Pimcore?

A PIM system offers a variety of benefits to retailers and manufacturers for different areas of the business. At its core, one can summarize:

A PIM system serves to simplify the product data management of a company.

Workflows and information flows around shop products can be automated and optimized thanks to a professional PIM system. This reduces the resources required for collecting, entering, preparing, checking and forwarding product information.

Instead of managing information manually, employees can once again focus more on core business tasks and invest their time wisely. Read also in our other article about the advantages of a PIM system "What is PIM and why do you need a PIM system?".

5 success stories with Pimcore

Initial situation: OSRAM, one of the world's leading lighting brands, sells various products in the automotive sector worldwide. Due to different legal requirements in the various countries, the processes were becoming increasingly complex and confusing. A solution was required to digitally "outsource" the required legal information via a QR code in order to simplify the processes and save costs.

Pimcore solution: All relevant information for the products as well as the different legal requirements of the individual markets are collected in the developed QR code database, where they can be retrieved automatically. Through a connected text database (which contains all current legal and marketing texts in any languages), the information can be sorted by specific product families, each of which is assigned its own QR code. This can then be printed on the packaging.

Thanks to the QR code, OSRAM saves a lot of time and money in packaging production. At the same time, the accuracy of the data is always guaranteed, as the database is automatically updated at a set rhythm. With the developed Pimcore solution, OSRAM was able to reduce the number of pieces from over 1,500 artworks per year to about 900, thus cutting its costs by over 60 percent.

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Initial situation: The production company Heiligenstädter Reißverschluß GmbH & Co used the CMS TYPO3 system to display their product data. Since the system does not have the ability to manage structured product data and the catalog production had to be done separately with its own Web2Print application, a uniform product data maintenance was not possible because the data was stored in different databases in each case. A lot of manual and duplicate work was required in different systems. What was needed was a catalog production platform where the product data was stored centrally and the content could be output to a bilingual website and an automatically created web-to-print catalog could be realized from the data.

Pimcore solution: With the help of an interface, an import of ERP product data into the PIM was set up. This was followed by the enrichment of the ERP data with additional information. The content of the website is now based exclusively on this consistent database and the maintenance of the corresponding content can now take place in a system that combines CMS, PIM and MAM. The product catalog can be updated directly in Pimcore and automatically output as a web-to-print catalog.

The acceleration of the production processes for the catalogs led to significant cost reductions in several departments. By optimizing the publishing of product information, workflows and overall data quality have been improved. Heiligenstädter Reißverschluß GmbH & Co. also expects that access to always up-to-date product information for their customers will significantly increase sales. The Pimcore platform is license free, so IT costs have been reduced significantly.

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Initial situation: Harald A. Møller is Norway's largest car importer and stands for the import of Volkswagen, Audi, ŠKODA and now SEAT in Norway. SEAT is now the fastest growing car brand in Europe, and after taking a new direction towards a younger and more modern profile, Møller relaunched SEAT in the Norwegian market. In order to best reach their younger target audience, they needed to invest in a fully digital customer journey where a new SEAT could be purchased through a few clicks.

Pimcore solution: the technical solution is based on the Magento e-commerce platform and Pimcore's Product Information Management (PIM) platform. With the new solution, users can conveniently book a test drive, reserve a car or even apply for a loan directly on the website. Even the actual buying process is more efficient and can be done with just a few clicks. Furthermore, the Pimcore solution offers additional services that make it attractive to own a SEAT, such as the possibility to earn money with the car by carpooling.

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Initial situation: The existing website of JOB AG, one of the TOP 5 German personnel service providers, was technically outdated and no longer met the requirements in terms of modern application via all mobile devices. Job search and application were not optimally integrated, which had a negative impact on search engine visibility and user experience. In addition, the individual business areas for different target groups could not be displayed separately.

Individual websites for each business unit were desired, but their content could be shared and managed through a central system. The main purpose of the new websites was to display job vacancies and offer the possibility to apply online. Users needed to find suitable jobs easily and quickly.

Pimcore solution: the new website provides a clear visual differentiation between the business units, although they share a common layout and content. A powerful job search with filtering options allows users to quickly find a suitable job. New jobs are now automatically imported thanks to Pimcore's software, and job postings can be conveniently managed using the external software. Job postings are then automatically routed to the appropriate business unit. The optimized user experience has increased conversion rates for online job applications, and better search engine visibility has resulted in a significant increase in traffic from mobile devices.

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Initial situation: The family business Franz Mensch GmbH has been producing and trading in disposable articles, hygiene clothing and occupational safety products for 45 years. The company has been active in e-commerce for many years with a B2B online shop. The company wanted to use the change of shop system to introduce Pimcore as a new PIM system in order to keep and manage all product data centrally in one place for the first time. In this way, the company wanted to simplify the maintenance of data and standardize the processes for creating article data. The PIM was also to automatically generate and provide important documents such as technical data sheets. And provide up-to-date product data to other channels in addition to the online shop.

Pimcore solution: For the introduction of the PIM system, in addition to the classic master data, many specific fields were defined for the online shop, packaging and other marketing channels in order to adapt the product database individually to the needs of the company, in order to simplify the management of all product-related data.

Thanks to the integration of a defined view on a part of the product data, workflows for different departments can now be displayed in a logical and structured way, which has significantly optimized internal work processes. In addition, a second derivation has been implemented besides the derivation of data to the online shop. The necessary master data of a product is output in the form of a technical PDF data sheet. These PDF documents are also available in the new online shop in German and English.

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These success stories demonstrate that Pimcore offers an efficient, cross-industry solution for managing and automating different data formats. The connection to third-party systems via suitable interfaces allows the enrichment of data with simultaneous, central management.

In addition, the system can be quickly and easily integrated into existing technical infrastructures and quickly deployed.

Pimcore is a powerful and sustainable open source software for the management of digital data. The system has many functions and features in the standard, is quickly expandable and grows with your requirements.

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We are happy to support you in the decision-making process and introduction of a PIM (Product Information Management) system:

  • Requirements workshop on the topic of product data - in the workshop we jointly develop the class model for maintaining the product information and set up the object classes together with you.
  • Setup and installation of the PIM incl. required software components in a specialized hosting environment.
  • Provision of a universal interface with which the import (MXL, CSV, JSON, Excel, etc.) of your existing product data into the PIM system can take place. The API also allows you to export feeds and create Rest APIs into any application.
  • Connection of the PIM system to your required output systems (website, eCommerce shop, app, Adobe InDesign, etc.) as well as creation of the required templates
  • Editorial training on the use of PIMCORE

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