We are permanently online. It's how we start the day, it's how we pass the time, it's how we communicate with others.

Above all, social networks - social media - are becoming increasingly popular. What started out as "hype" has now become the norm. What's more, according to Hootsuite's "Digital 2021" report,over 53 percent of the world's population was onsocial media in 2020. In addition, there are dozens of companies that already see the potential and want to serve their target audience represented there.

So far, it has been primarily B2C companies that have followed this trend and are now reaping the benefits, among other things, through the new types of shop links. In addition, the usage behavior of users, who often use social media as a source of inspiration for everyday concerns, subliminally pays to buy. The brands position themselves unobtrusively in the relevant set of the target group and act as a friend and helper.

What attractive B2B social media marketing opportunities
are there for businesses?

Not only is the main user group "Generation Z" now old enough to be in decision-making positions in potential customer companies, but social media is also no longer new territory for older generations.

The boundaries between leisure and business are blurring, makingB2B social media an important touchpoint in the customer journey. For example, the relevant target groups use social media after work and on weekends for entertainment, but also to search for information - why should they stop on Monday?

In order to make profitable use of the power of social media marketing for the respective company in B2B, it is necessary to work out a strategic social media concept as a first step.

For this, a detailed knowledge of the own target group as well as the user structure of the respective social media channels is essential, as well as the compatibility with the overall goals of the B2B company. Here, a structured approach and the establishment of different personas makes sense. Based on this, the right selection of social media channels must be made. In addition to the well-known social media channel Facebook, there are, especially in B2B, other social channels to get in personal contact with potential customers and interested parties. In addition, a sophisticated content marketing strategy must not be missing. Once this is in place, value-added content for the user is guaranteed, and of course, continuity is also a must.

Once these prerequisites are met, you can get started and reap the full benefits of your social media marketing activities.


These are the benefits you can expect after integrating
social media marketing for your B2B company

Especially now in Corona times, money is tight in many companies - whether B2B or B2C - and even better positioned companies are investing thoughtfully.

Hardly anyone wants to spend big budget on marketing activities at these uncertain economic times.

Here, setting up a social media marketing strategy offers a great opportunity to make a big impact with the use of a small budget.

This way, a lot of people can be reached through simple and free posts. But sponsored social media posts or ads can also achieve a large reach with a small investment.

We're probably not going out on a limb when we say that there are probably no measures currently available that take up less financial resources, but still have such a strong impact on image building, customer loyalty and the generation of new customers.

For a long time, personal contact with customers has also counted in B2B. Because behind the companies, there are people with feelings, interests and questions.

Social media offers the opportunity to bring these previously distant contacts to a personal level - namely, by responding to the needs of your customers with the right content and offering them answers to potential questions.

This "social selling" helps you to position yourself subliminally and unobtrusively to the decision makers of the (potential) customer companies and to present your know-how and your service areas.

Along the way, you succeed in creating a positive brand image - and a positive image also encourages people to buy or place an order.

The direct feedback and constant exchange with your customers, interested parties and qualified experts also allows you to adapt the products of your B2B company to their needs in a targeted manner, which in turn increases customer satisfaction immensely - because they feel understood and taken seriously.

In addition, the activity in the social media can efficiently pay off on the customer acquisition.

Especially in B2B, the social media platform "LinkedIn" is worth mentioning. Here, it is particularly easy to position yourself as a person and, in the next step, as an expert in the respective area by participating in discussions or contributing to topic-specific groups.

Above all, you can sensitize potential customers and interested parties to your company through appropriate content and even play it out in a target group-specific manner.

What may sound complicated at first glance is easy to implement.

Because reciprocity means nothing other than putting other users in the "debt of gratitude".

Thank a business partner, customer or other contact publicly and link them. This will not only make your followers aware of the post and therefore your business, but also the partner's. Through the positive words, they feel flattered and will - perhaps not directly afterwards, but in the future - do the same to you or at least respond to the corresponding post with gratitude.

You can also take advantage of this approach with major influencers. Respond to their posts and subliminally reference relevant services or solutions your company offers. This will not only make the influencers aware of your company, but also their followers and fans.

Another benefit that your B2B company can gain from integrating social media marketing is lead generation through targetedengagement.

Either by running ads or organic and sponsored posts, value-added content can be provided to the target audience.

Publish your whitepapers, magazine articles or other guides with a gripping teaser. Interested parties can then download the desired content free of charge, but in return for providing initial data (e.g. company, position and e-mail). This not only subliminally advertises your company's knowledge and expertise, but also generates qualified leads at the same time.

Further advantages on the topic of lead management as well as the procedure for integration into your company, we have summarized in detail in the following article "Lead Management Articles".

According to Google, around 71% of B2B users turn to the Internet to search for information.

By being active on social media, you not only improve your visibility there, but also optimize your Google ranking. Thus, not only your website will be displayed in the corresponding search, but also the profiles in the social networks.

Through social media, there is another great advantage: theenormous increase in website traffic.

Because not only through the effective search engine optimization, new customers are led to your website, but also through the advertising by means of appropriate ads or posts, the interested parties are led directly to the company website.

In addition, there is of course also the possibility to link specific subpages or landing pages to, whereby the attention can be directly directed to the campaign-relevant topic.

In addition to expanding customer relationships, there's another important audience cavorting on social media: Professionals.

On the one hand, a qualified exchange can take place with them.

On the other hand, they are often open to new job prospects. These can be found through appropriate filters and contacted directly, or recruited through the publication of attractive job ads.

If you provide honest insights into the daily work routine, the culture, the projects or also the benefits on the corporate profile through targeted posts, the company can also be highlighted as an attractive employer and effectively promote employer branding. Rating platforms such as "kununu" also have a strong influence on potential applicants and can significantly influence their application intentions.

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We say YES to social media

After illustrating all these benefits, the only answer to the question "Is social media also relevant for B2B companies?" isyes, definitely!

Because not only can it efficiently increase brand awareness, but the B2B company can unobtrusively and amicably position itself in the relevant set of target audiences - in the best case, before they even know they need you.

Add to this the excellent recruiting opportunities and the constant exchange of expertise with like-minded people.

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