More than 500,000 installations - The Open Source Content Management System TYPO3 is widely used, especially in the DACH region.

The popularity of the CMS system is probably due to the extreme flexibility and adaptability to actually (almost) any web application. TYPO3's major advantages over other CMS systems include the possibility of multilingualism as well as the connection of individual and unlimited applications.

"Inspiring people to share" - The TYPO3 slogan also stands for the exchange in the TYPO3 community. People help and learn from each other. Regular updates and current support are included.

When it comes to choosing the right content management system, there are many options and the market is constantly growing. In theContent Management System Comparison you can compare other CMS systems with the TYPO3 CMS and find the right one for your needs.

The new TYPO3 Version 11

The version of TYPO3 CMS version 11.0 was already released on Dec 22, 2020. This version includes new system requirements and removes obsolete code.

It is planned that the Long-Term-Support (short LTS) of TYPO3 CMS with version 11.5 will be released on 05 Oct. 2021.

In the meantime, new features will be implemented, such as multi-factor authentication (version 11.1), or link sharing in the backend of TYPO3 CMS (v11.2), which is scheduled for release on 04 May 2021.

All the highlights that the TYPO3 version 11 brings with it at a glance:

Quick and easy upgrade from old TYPO3 CMS version 9 and/or version 10 installations.

In addition to username and password, there is further verification such as the assignment of time-limited one-time passwords.

This addition is one of the most relevant innovations, especially with regard to cybersecurity and the associated increasing demands.

The backend navigation is flexible and can now be set variably and saved specifically for the editor profile.

Deep links in the backend also allow administrators and editors to share certain posts with each other. In this way, an informal transfer is possible.

They enable content creation and editing on a larger scale, over a longer period of time with editorial approval processes.

Redirects can now be managed or protected by the editors themselves.

  • Doctrine DBAL Version 3.0
  • Symfony Version 5.2 or higher
  • Bootstrap 5 (in the TYPO3 backend)
  • Composer Version 2
  • Implementation of many PSR standards
  • Enhancements for the Extbase Framework
  • Pagination API
  • PHP 7.4 compatible, no PHP 8.0 support yet

TYPO3 Roadmap:

Welche älteren Versionen werden noch unterstützt, welche nicht mehr? Wann sollte gewechselt werden?

All TYPO3 versions consist of three phases, in which the latest version includes the latest functionalities and structures. For users of the latest TYPO3 version, free community support is available.

The previous versions serve as the basis for the current version. They stabilize and extend the functionalities of the latest version.

As soon as the core features of the latest version have been released by the older versions, the LTS phase begins with a duration of 2 years. Long-Term Support (LTS) guarantees continued stability, with the software still working, so that new features can be added and removed on an ongoing basis.

Thereupon, the planning of a further version can be started. In order to ensure the continued use of older versions and to maintain support, after the LTS phase the so-called Extended Long Term Support (ELTS) can be selected for a fee with a maximum term of three years. From this point on, no new features will be added or old functions removed. Instead, only problems that arise will be fixed to ensure the greatest possible compatibility.


Why should I change to TYPO3 Version 11?

According to the current General Data Protection Regulation(DSGVO), every company is obliged to regularly check its website for DSGVO compliance and to take appropriate technical and organizational measures against unlawful use of data by third parties. This means that website operators should use secure, state-of-the-art software, which is made possible by using the latest TYPO3 version.

For TYPO3 CMS Version 11 LTS, bugfix support is expected to be available until October 2024, and then Extendend Long Term Support (ELTS) is expected to be available until October 2027.

Early adopters can already upgrade to TYPO3 CMS version 11.1.

However, it would be better to wait for the release of TYPO3 CMS version 11.5 LTS (in October 2021).

  • The LTS phase for TYPO3 version 10 starts in October 2021 - end of April 2023. After that there is the ELTS
  • TYPO3 version 9 is only in the LTS phase until September 30, 2021. ELTS until Oct. 2023
  • TYPO3 Version 8 ELTS until March 2023
  • TYPO3 Version 7 ELTS until Dec. 2021
  • TYPO3 Version 6 ELTS has already expired in March 2020

CONCLUSION: TYPO3 CMS v11 is already preparing for the future.

CMS updates of TYPO3 are in any case up-to-date and based on the current trends and technical conditions of e-commerce. Accordingly, it is recommended for every website operator to orientate themselves to the corresponding innovations of TYPO3 in order to continue to satisfy customers and to remain competitive in the market - taking into account the DSGVO.

Of course, it is not always necessary to switch immediately to the latest TYPO3 version. However, a change should be considered at the latest with the older and support-technically expiring version.

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  • Need a new website? No problem. Together we will find the right content management system for you and start from scratch.
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