Who & what

Trusetal Verbandstoffwerke GmbH is a renowned manufacturer and distributor of innovative eye products, wound dressings and other medical products designed to optimally support healing processes and precise diagnostics.

A few years ago, we relaunched the website and set up a TYPO3 system to clearly present the products and brands. In the course of the cooperation, the website was expanded more and more. Intensive SEO efforts led to a constant improvement in visibility and a higher level of awareness of the brands among end consumers.

Previously, sales were purely B2B direct business to pharmacies, doctors, alternative practitioners and other medical users. Through our cooperation and a stronger digital orientation within the company itself, as well as structural changes, Trusetal Verbandstoffwerke GmbH is expanding its target groups. At the same time, an internationalisation and general digitalisation of the sales structures is taking place. The start for eCommerce has been made, so that an online shop should now be created along with an editorial guidebook area.

Multicolumn with 2 pictures
Multicolumn with 2 pictures

Magento 2.0

Creation of the online shop with the open source eCommerce platform Magento, which can also map editorial content in addition to the shop.


Implementation of a responsive web design so that the content is automatically scaled to fit all end devices and is displayed ideally throughout.


During the implementation, special attention was paid to fast loading times on all end devices. Various mechanisms and services were implemented for this purpose.

8theme worlds
2018launch shop


  • Contemporary online shop with filter options, different product categories, various payment options
  • Theme worlds with extensive information on the medical application areas of the products
  • Linking of the shop with the corporate website and social media channels
  • Product database for products of various categories and designs


  • Art Direction
  • UX und UI Design
  • Technical conception
  • TYPO3 integration
  • Web programmierung
  • Frontend development
  • Training for SEO-compliant content creation
  • Strategic consulting
  • TYPO3 editor training

Relaunch country versions

  • Setting up linguistically differentiated country websites for individual country subsidiaries
  • Export and import of translation files for content migration
  • Integration of the imperialistic unit system for the American subsidiary (automatic conversion)
  • Conversion of the script direction for the Arabic subsidiary

Continuous support

  • Support and ongoing assistance with content maintenance
  • Strategy consulting
  • Advice on improving the user experience, adapting to current developments, expanding the online offering, customer-centred restructuring to better address customers, etc.
  • Continuous development and expansion of the website, so that extensive cost-intensive relaunches can be avoided in the future

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