Who & what

AdEx Partners advises and accompanies internationally active medium-sized companies and global corporations in the transformation of business and IT. The basic idea behind the consulting service is to shape it differently and to enter into a true partnership as a trusted advisor with the customers. Over 120 consultants have joined forces under this consensus.

A uniform and concise internal and external presentation was only rudimentary, which meant that all means of communication varied greatly both visually and in terms of content. The existing website was also technologically outdated, although a new website had already been set up in TYPO3 by another service provider.

Accompanying the relaunch of the website as a further development of the previous implementation status of the new TYPO3 landscape, the conception and implementation of storytelling was to be supported strategically and in line with the target group.

Multicolumn with 2 pictures
Multicolumn with 2 pictures


Takeover of the previous developments for the new TYPO3 CMS and enrichment with individually configured extensions as well as the go-live.

Responsive web design

Further development of the corporate design and the UX design approaches as well as implementation of these as a responsive solution.


Conception and formulation of the corporate story in order to create an emotionalised basis for the development of the corporate wordings.

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  • Takeover and further development of a newly set-up TYPO3 CMS and update from V8 to V9
  • Variable templates for a wide range of applications, which nevertheless have a harmonious effect
  • (Further) development of a corporate identity including corporate story, self-image, imagery, corporate design and creation of text content
  • Successive development of a contact database with extensive information and categorisation options for variable presentation on different pages

Website relaunch

  • Art Direction
  • UX and UI Design
  • Technical conception
  • TYPO3 integration
  • Web programming
  • Frontend development
  • Initial maintenance of the content
  • Strategic consulting
  • TYPO3 editor training

Corporate Identity

  • Development and formulation of the corporate story, mission and vision
  • Conception of the image worlds, matching the story and the design
  • Combining a wide variety of design elements to define a corporate design
  • Development of a claim

Continuous support

  • Support and ongoing assistance with content maintenance
  • TYPO3 updates
  • Advice on improving the user experience, adapting to current developments, customer-centred restructuring for a better customer approach, etc.
  • Ongoing development and expansion of the website
  • Implementation of follow-up projects such as the Company Presentation-Masters

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