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Remmers AG, a specialist in the production of building chemicals, wood paints and varnishes as well as industrial varnishes, needed support for marketing campaigns aimed at painters and carpenters, which until then had focused on traditional advertising channels. 

In order to achieve sustainable success in the future and to gain direct access to the target groups, a concept for the digital acquisition of new customers was developed together.

The concept includes the implemmentation of three workshops to provide markeeting and sales with the necessary basic knowledge about new buying processes in the digital age and to create a uniform understanding for cooperation. The series of workshops was rounded off by the joint development of desired customer profildes an practical nurturing processes before putting into practice.

Multicolumn with 2 pictures
Multicolumn with 2 pictures

Unified understanding

The transfer of knowledge in combination with the development of practical use cases results in a common understanding of the future approach among all participating workshop participants from marketing and sales.

High gain in knowledge

In group work, the group of participants created a pool of creative approaches and ways to reach new customers or further develop existing customers within the framework of digital possibilities.

Self-sufficient application

The principles learnt can be adapted for other national companies on the basis of meaningful templates and the workshop documents and can be implemented independently by the client.

24participants from
marketing and sales
buyer personas
nurturing processes

Workshop Basis KickOff

  • Introduction "digitalisation marketing and sales"
  • Spider web touchpoint analysis
  • Define and fix goals

Workshop Desired Customer Profiling (Persona)

  • Introduction "using buyer personas in marketing"
  • Identifying potential buyer personas
  • Profiling the buyer personas
  • Typification of buyer personas according to the limbic system (INSIGHTS MDI®)
  • Benefit matrix
  • Analysis of search behaviour

Workshop Customer Journey / Nurturing Process

  • Introduction "prospect / new customer development processes - lead nurturing"
  • Development of a customer journey
  • Development of a lead nurturing process
  • Progressive profiling
  • Development of content modules
  • Structural design of a landing page

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