Who & what

Dosen-Zentrale Züchner GmbH is a wholesaler for tin, glass and plastic packaging. Based on over 200 years of company and family history, today they are the link between well-known packaging manufacturers and customers from the retail, food trade, gastronomy and industrial filling sectors.

At the beginning of the cooperation, a relaunch of the website based on TYPO3 was planned, with the aim of significantly simplifying the maintenance of the system and implementing a direct enquiry option for products. In the course of time, the desire to merge all existing websites into one system developed.

A product database was developed and a notepad module including an enquiry form was designed and implemented, so that users can make a collective enquiry directly from the product range.  Furthermore, a TYPO3 website was implemented in which all contents can be centrally maintained. As a result, the cost and implementation effort could be reduced considerably. In addition, new websites can now be implemented and made available within a very short time.

Multicolumn with 2 pictures
Multicolumn with 2 pictures

Multisite concept

The websites were structured into individual sub-trees, and the system architecture was adapted in a way that all functionalities are available system-wide, but the templating can be individually adapted to the requirements. Multilingualism is available for all websites.


Products can be added to a notepad directly from the product list and can also be removed again. To ensure a high level of usability, the list can be accessed directly and quickly via mobile as well as desktop. In the notepad, individual parameters can be adjusted by the user to enable individual enquiries.

3standalone websites
100%editor friendly

Individual development

  • Notepad and enquiry module
  • Product database based on FAL
  • Multi-website concept incl. template splitting

Further development

  • All systems are fully technically supported
  • Iterative further development of the websites
  • Implementation of updates and upgrades
  • Continuous support and advice
  • Conception, implementation and optimisation of the software infrastructure

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