Who & what

WAGNER Group GmbH has been developing and implementing technical fire protection systems since 1976 and has established itself internationally as an expert for innovative fire protection solutions. The company is a technology leader in the field of early fire detection and active fire prevention. 

The existing website had grown over the years and the wealth of content had become almost unmanageable. Technically, visually and from a usability point of view, it was also outdated and outmoded. Current requirements due to different end devices and digitalised trade relations could not be met.

A new website with a new content strategy was needed that met current web requirements, clearly structured the existing content and made future developments easy to integrate. Of course, the relevant content should be well positioned in the common search engines, for which an appropriate SEO concept was needed.

Multicolumn with 2 pictures
Multicolumn with 2 pictures


Relaunch of the website using TYPO3 CMS, configured with individually programmed extensions.


Implementation of a responsive web design so that the content is automatically scaled to fit all end devices and is displayed ideally throughout.

Job board

Integration of a job board with extensive filter function.

11country versions
11theme worlds


  • Individual theme worlds for different sectors
  • Country and language versions with independent and simultaneous content
  • Log-in area for customers
  • Individual job portal for the presentation of vacancies at all company locations


  • Art Direction
  • UX und UI Design
  • Technische conception
  • TYPO3 integration
  • Web programmierung
  • Frontend development
  • Training for SEO-compliant content creation
  • Strategische consulting
  • TYPO3 editor training

Relaunch country versions

  • Setting up linguistically differentiated country websites for individual country subsidiaries
  • Export and import of translation files for content migration
  • Integration of the imperialistic unit system for the American country society (automatic conversion)
  • Conversion of the script direction for the Arabic country subsidiary

Continuous support

  • Support and ongoing assistance with content maintenance
  • Strategy consulting
  • Advice on improving the user experience, adapting to current developments, expanding the online offering, customer-centred restructuring to better address customers, etc.
  • Continuous development and expansion of the website, in order to avoid extensive cost-intensive relaunches in the future.

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