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Schäferbarthold GmbH is a Porta Westfalica-based wholesaler of automotive spare parts and accessories. In addition to the standard range, Schäferbarthold stands out above all because they can supply parts and solutions for customers where others have reached their limits - be it as a special solution or even a return on investment.

Accordingly, Schäferbarthold has also reacted to the current allocation and delivery difficulties with Opel and PSA engine oils. In order to be able to supply customers with the required oils without delay and also to offer the corresponding consulting competence, they have entered into a cooperation directly with the manufacturer of the oils, Wolf Oil Corporation. In order to inform about the background & advantages, but above all to communicate to the customers that these are exactly the same oils as previously purchased directly from Opel, the campaign "Oil for Opel" has been launched.

An attractive landing page for the campaign was required, including the structure of the story, which explained the entire topic to the customer in a short and concise, but credible and comprehensible way. Based on this, a corresponding mailing to existing customers was developed, which prepared the topic for sales with the customer.

Multicolumn with 2 pictures
Multicolumn with 2 pictures


Creation of the landing page with WordPress and Divi; adaptation of the template, for the optimal target group fit.


The landing page is mainly accessed on desktops and tablets, which is why the responsive web design is specially designed for the corresponding breakpoints.


New development of the design with the requirement that the "Opel world" must be immediately recognisable - but without infringing Opel copyrights - and at the same time both Schäferbarthold and Wolf must be recognisable.

2021Implementation year
6Weeks implementation time


  • Complete redevelopment of the design, the communication strategy and the technical solutions based on the first rough considerations from the client
  • Consideration of all interest groups with different demands
  • Quick solution for short-term use
  • Adaptation of the purchased template to the specific needs of the user


  • Art Direction
  • UX und UI Design
  • Technical conception
  • WordPress integration
  • Front-end development
  • Strategic consulting
  • Content production & integration
  • Connection Google Search Console


  • Template creation based on landing page design
  • Content production
  • Strategic consulting
  • Mailing tool set-up
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