Who & What

ISD is a building services company with 40 years of experience and 100 branches. The large, Germany-wide network of branches enables both companies to offer jobs nationwide and applicants to find regional jobs.

In a kickoff workshop, we first worked with the client to define the requirements including the range of services for the relaunch project.

The goal of the project was defined as a TYPO3 website relaunch with many frontend headless applications and the interface connection of several Microsoft Azure functions.

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive, flexible and scalable cloud computing platform from Microsoft that provides services for computing, analytics, databases, networking, storage, AI and more to help businesses modernize, develop and scale their infrastructure.

Our contribution

  • 2-day kickoff workshop
  • Conception
  • Website relaunch with TYPO3
  • Implementation of headless applications
  • Interface connection to customer database for chatbot and branch database
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Multicolumn with 2 pictures

The Challenge !

The biggest challenge in this project was the connection of the various third-party systems to the headless TYPO3 CMS. Here, the page structure had to be defined at the conception stage so that individual content from dynamic pages could be displayed in a uniform structure.

The integration of different systems into a headless TYPO3 CMS can bring some challenges. For example, it can pose compatibility issues as well as performance and scalability problems. In addition, there are security concerns, increased maintenance efforts, and the need for effective troubleshooting and support.

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Steps project

  • 2 days kickoff workshop - definition of the project requirement
  • Concept
  • Design
  • Implementation of headless applications
  • Interface connection
  • TYPO3 training for the customer
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100%Customer satisfaction
6Months Implementation


As a result, we were able to significantly improve data generation with the successful TYPO3 website relaunch, and searched information is published quickly, up-to-date and structured. At the same time, the technical infrastructure of the website was brought up to date.

Thanks to the headlessapplications, the frontend can be developed and updated independently from the CMS, which provides more flexibility and the possibility to use modern development practices and technologies. Thus, we also managed to quickly build the desired interfaces to Microsoft Azure functions and ensure high performance.

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