Who & What

VIDAR Vermögensverwaltung GmbH has been active in extended investor protection since 2013. The asset protection services are offered for institutional funds, asset managers as well as for wealthy private investors with an investment volume of US$ 30 million or more.

As part of the website launch of vidar.de, a comprehensible storytelling with appealing images and texts tailored to the target group was to be developed in addition to the new website.

Customer challenge

  • Optics, usability and technology of the existing website were no longer up to date
  • Range of services was not clearly formulated and in line with the target group
  • There was no consistent visual world/language

The challenge of this relaunch was the unusual topic of "asset management for high-net-worth individuals" as well as the services that require explanation (for non-specialists).

Together with the client, we restructured the services and the wording in various workshops in order to achieve a high degree of clarity for the users of the website. Furthermore, we worked out the USP's of the VIDAR services for the different target groups. These served us as a starting point for the creation of the textual content.

A design in line with the target group and a consistent image world were to round off the overall appearance.

Multicolumn with 2 pictures
Multicolumn with 2 pictures


The landing page was created with the WordPress content management system and Divi. For the optimal target group fit the template was created accordingly.


The respsonsive design had to be aligned along the special breakpoints so that visitors can also view all important information via their smartphones.


The development of "storytelling" was an important step in the project. Through the understanding of the user, it is important to show custom-fit solutions to the individual needs and to build trust.

Implementation goals

  • Understandable names of the services
  • Simple menu structure
  • Advantages / USP's
  • Idea approaches for storytelling

Implementation Steps

  • Conception and ideas for different image worlds
  • Research of suitable image material
  • Web design suitable for the target groups
  • Formulation and proofreading of texts
  • Selection of a CMS (WordPress®)
  • Web development
  • Maintenance of the contents
fullwith image

Project result

Due to the complexity of the topic and the need for explanation, there was an intensive exchange between the customer and the agency. Through many years of experience from individual customer projects and various industries, and the help of the customer, we were able to familiarize ourselves well with the special topic and work out a website that was targeted for the customer.

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