What is a website?

A website of a company/manufacturer serves, of course, as a business card/promotion sign, as well as a sales portal. However, it is immensely important for a business not only to have a proper website but also to present it successfully according to a strategic concept of online marketing in order to be competitive in the market and to increase the success of your company. A website thus also serves as an important point of contact for the company with its potential customers and existing customers. In addition, it is also essential to attract new customers to your company and/or products.

What is the difference between a website and a landing page?

A landing page, as opposed to a company's website, always focuses on only one conversion concern, which is realistic, measurable, and time-limited. Thus, a landing page can inform, sell, test and track, increase reach or generate registrations and leads.

What is a content management system (CMS)?

A CMS is a content management system. It is used to store and assist in the creation, editing, and organisation of digital content.

What content management systems are there?

The most popular CMS systems in Germany include TYPO3 and WordPress, which basically differ in terms of their functions, the scope of the planned online presence, and the individual requirements as well as the editor's hand.

What is an open-source system?

Open-source software is "open" software that is freely accessible to the public and can be modified. Programs can therefore be edited and individually adapted by the user. This offers flexibility and cost savings for companies. Modified versions can be passed on, from which other users can benefit.