The TYPO3 website is created and the topic of the web is checked off for the time being - Unfortunately, it's not that simple.

The TYPO3 CMS is a, especially in the European area very appreciated, free open source software. This means that it can be downloaded and installed by anyone. The acquisition costs themselves are therefore free of charge.

Nevertheless, also a TYPO3 website, which must be further developed, maintained and updated step by step, in order to remain fully functional and above all safe for visitors and operators. Therefore, regular updates to the current TYPO3 version are immensely important to be continuously up to date.

Why do I need to update and upgrade my TYPO3 CMS?

Regular minor updates of the system and continuous upgrades to the latest version keep the TYPO3 website running and competitive.

In addition, the following reasons are also worth mentioning:

Website operators are constantly obligated to protect users from possible disruptions and attacks of any form. Through regular DSGVO-compliant security updates to the current version, TYPO3 offers the highest data security.

Forewarned is forearmed - therefore it is all the more important to take the right precautions and thus avoid possible hacker attacks.

In most cases, repairing damage caused by a hacker attack is significantly more expensive than regular small updates to the latest TYPO3 version.

Through continuous updates to the current version, the entire TYPO3 system (incl. database and application) is always kept up to date.

This provides a high level of stability for the system, both with regard to the publicly accessible frontend and the access-protected backend.

By optimizing PageSpeed (i.e. the loading time of a website), various parties benefit.

Not only the TYPO3 editors are happy about a fast data processing, but also the users are offered a positive experience with the company - especially if you keep in mind that already with a loading time of 5 seconds the bounce rate increases by 90%.

Last but not least, the algorithm of the search engine also evaluates an adequate PageSpeed positively and in the form of a good ranking. In June 2021, the ranking factors were expanded to include the Core Web Vitals, which include the PageSpeed of the website.

In order to ensure that the TYPO3 website can withstand the latest technical requirements, regular updates ensure the constant functionality of the site according to the development standard.

It's not just software that continues to evolve - hardware is also subject to a constant development process.

Whether new smartphones, new tablets or new laptops, everything brings differentiated requirements that must be met if the TYPO3 website is to evoke a positive user experience.

Through constant updates to the latest version of the CMS, compatibility with such technical innovations is guaranteed and a positive user experience is evoked.

Easier, faster, more intuitive - The less the user has to think during use, the fewer clicks are necessary and the faster he reaches the goal of his intention, the better he rates the experience with the company interaction.

But also the search engine "Google" includes the usability of a website in the ranking algorithm and evaluates an optimal implementation of this extremely positively.


What has to be considered in the project planning of a TYPO3 update?

Depending on the complexity of the system, awareness must be created:

In most cases, an upgrade is not done "just like that" and is done overnight. It is therefore important that sufficient time and resources are planned in advance.

In addition, a detailed inventory of the TYPO3 system on the part of the service provider is essential to ensure precise project planning and implementation.

Although an individual approach is of course required in each case, the following steps are generally to be taken:

In order to be able to work with current data as well as for various security reasons, a backup is made at the beginning of the TYPO3 upgrade.

As already described in the introduction to this text section, the complexity of the TYPO3 system must be evaluated at this point at the latest. Included in the analysis should be the number and dependencies of the extensions used, the number of content pages and the existing connections and interfaces.

Another important point that should not be neglected is the compatibility of the selected TYPO3 version with the programming language used.

If this is not compliant, the TYPO3 system will not run in the combination and an alternative must be found.

An overview of the compatibility of programming language and TYPO3 versions can be found here:

The size of the version jump has an influence on the effort of an upgrade that should not be underestimated.

If only one jump is carried out - for example from version 9.4 to version 9.5 - the update project (minor update) will probably be less expensive to implement.

If, on the other hand, several major versions are updated directly in one upgrade - for example, from version 8 to version 10 - a larger budget should be planned. Such a "Major Release" occurs at intervals of 18 months and usually indexes significant functionalities for TYPO3. So an upgrade should be considered at the latest with a major release, since the launched version represents a completely new development.

Furthermore, a precise picture should be made beforehand of which innovations and specifications the version jump brings with it.

Sometimes the impact on the use and functionality of the TYPO3 CMS is enormous and it must be reacted with various adjustments.

Depending on which phase of the version you are entering, there may already be bug lists, including possibilities for fixing them, which should be taken into account in any case.

The testing phase - a particularly important point. Just because everything looks reasonable in the backend and in the code after the TYPO3 upgrade, does not mean that everything works perfectly.

Therefore, an extensive test phase is essential for the future functionality of the TYPO3 CMS.

Which TYPO3 version should I use?

The lifetime of a TYPO3 version consists of three phases. It is up to the user to decide which one to start with. However, it is usually recommended to start in the LTS phase.

Which phase your TYPO3 is currently in and how long it will be supported can be seen here: https: //

The first phase describes the current version with the latest functionalities TYPO3 has to offer at the time.

The community support is free of charge. However, one is also not protected from potential core bugs, because in this phase, of course, in the course of the first uses, bugs are always noticed, which then have to be fixed by the TYPO3 developers.

This phase therefore involves the further development of the version.

To what extent it is advisable to go directly to the latest version must be decided individually and any consequences taken into account in the decision.

The latest release is TYPO3 Version 11.0, which was launched on December 22, 2020.

Here is a detailed overview of the functionalities of the version

After the core features have been approved and optimized - the basic framework is secure - it is continuously supported by the development team.

The system is continuously expanded, optimized and adapted through bug-fixing and security updates.

The long-term support of the community amounts to 3 years.

The third phase also describes the last phase of the TYPO3 version and serves the temporary life support.

No new features are added, but only problems that occur during use are fixed and security updates are published at certain intervals.

In addition, a chargeable Extended-Long-Term-Support with a maximum duration of 3 years can be claimed.


Regardless of the original choice of CMS: Regular upgrades are inevitable.

They not only prevent errors and adapt the system to technical developments, but also provide additional protection against hacker attacks through the always up-to-date security standards and thus protect the data of the users and you as the operator.

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