What makes TYPO3 special?

There are few content management systems that offer a similar flexibility and customizability with simultaneous simplicity in use as TYPO3. And that as a free tool.

TYPO3 is an open source solution that has been continuously developed and expanded for over 20 years.

Over 80,000 registered developers belong to the TYPO3 community and are constantly adding to, optimizing and updating the software.

The result is an independent, freely available, secure CMS with endless possibilities, which is one of the most used content management systems, especially in German-speaking countries.

Manage and extend websites - without programming knowledge

Content management systems basically offer users the possibility to manage and expand websites without programming knowledge.

Setting up the system, however, requires some experience; using it, however, then allows full control over design, function and content - without the need for any programming knowledge.

TYPO3 makes no difference here, especially in the standard version.

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Installing TYPO3

The standard version of TYPO3 is freely available to everyone as a downloadable package at the TYPO3 Community and can be easily installed on a web server.

However, the flexibility of the system also places some demands on the web server, which should therefore be explicitly designed for a TYPO3 system. This is because, in addition to the standard, there are infinite possibilities for expansion through extensions or individual developments made available in the Community. It is advisable to have the installation and basic setup of the system carried out by an expert developer.

If the system is set up by an experienced TYPO3 specialist, it can be customized to meet your exact goals and requirements.

The system adapts to you and not the other way around. This applies to both the backend (editing interface) and the frontend (website) and the functions they contain. Furthermore, the connection to other systems for the out- or input of content can be organized via various interfaces.

Since a CMS is intended as a solution for the collaborative editing and creation of web content, the user interface should be as easy to use as possible and "fun", so that as many people as possible are happy to participate in the maintenance of the content. If the editors are directly involved in the development, a TYPO3 backend can be built in such a way that it can be used really easily and intuitively, even by inexperienced users.

Using TYPO3 the easy way

Once the system is set up, it can actually be used without any programming knowledge to create convincing websites that look like one piece, despite different editors.

Through the various available content elements, a unique structure can be built on each page.

This structure is then filled with life via image and media integrations and an easy-to-understand text editor. We have compiled more detailed information on the editor-friendly backend of TYPO3 in a separate article.

But even if you do reach your editing limits, you can always find support in the large community of TYPO3 users.

Numerous freely accessible manuals are available on the net anyway. We mention this here, because the independence from a provider, which you gain with TYPO3, is one of the plus points from our point of view - even if we ourselves like to work with our customers in the long term.

Protection for data and against attacks

The developments in the online world are rapid. The technology is constantly being developed further and is constantly making new demands, as are the demands of the users.

But the more our lives shift into the digital world, the more important protection becomes. Accordingly, TYPO3 is constantly being developed and adapted by the development team.

Bug fixes and updates are continually made available for detected security gaps, and corresponding version upgrades are made available for major innovations or enhancements. TYPO3 is the only Open Source CMS to offer its users this "Long Term Support" (LTS).

Even if no upgrade to newer TYPO3 versions is carried out and outdated versions are used for which the LTS has expired, it is still possible to book "Extended Long Term Support" for a one-off fee.

This will provide updates and bug fixes for obsolete versions for years to come. Through this two-system version and the exact dating of the support periods (see TYPO3 Roadmap), users have absolute planning security and flexibility.

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Fact check: Advantages for TYPO3 users

Basically, the structure complies with the specifications of W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and the Core Web Vitals of Google; web pages can therefore be displayed everywhere and read well by search engines.

Highest data security due to regular DSGVO compliant updates, at the same time the proven system itself is a stable and robust solution that is scalable at any time.

Regular version updates and current support are related to the latest trends, technology and data protection developments.

As a free Open Source solution, TYPO3 can be used by anyone - without monthly fees or licensing costs.

TYPO3 is relatively intuitive to use and requires little training for editors, who in turn can be divided into different authorization groups via the fine-grained rights management.

The TYPO3 community are developers from all over the world - you will always and everywhere find an experienced specialist.

The internationality also flows into the development of the CMS, so that, for example, multilingualism of the website or even just the names in the application interface in over 175 languages, are almost a matter of course.

Third-party tool integrations are no problem with TYPO3. Newsletter tools, CRM system, SEO applications etc. Everything can be integrated, mostly even through free available extensions.


Many more advantages could be listed. Nevertheless, each company must weigh up individually which CMS is right for its specific needs.

Unfortunately, there is no universal solution here. Therefore, before starting a project, it should be thoroughly evaluated which CMS is the most suitable. In principle, TYPO3 is always a good choice, but it depends on the degree of individualization and complexity for the desired application.

You can find a comparison of the most popular CMS with TYPO3 here: Content Management System Comparison

Or you can ask us. We would be happy to discuss with you whether TYPO3 or another CMS is best for your goals and applications.

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We are happy to support you in making your online presence competitive and future-oriented:

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