One thing is certain, every company needs a professional website that is precisely tailored to the respective target group. Otherwise, an enormous amount of potential is wasted and ultimately even works against the competitiveness of one's own business. Today, the competition is growing rapidly in almost every business sector - and the top competitors generally not only use a website, they also use it in an extremely differentiated manner.

Modern websites are much more than just a business card on the Internet. They reach (potential) customers with special content at eye level and exactly at the times when they need the information most urgently. They put products or services on offer in the right light, serve to cultivate the company's image and function as a sales channel/employee that works for the company around the clock. All in all, they are true marketing and sales centers as well as catalysts of concerning processes, thus pushing customer acquisition and retention considerably.

Those who use these and other benefits to their advantage will really be taken up with their services in the long run and can effectively outpace the competition.

A maximally purposeful conversion of appropriate measures means naturally some work. This usually begins with the creation of a website and the question:

Who realizes our Internet presence best or where can we have our website created? - Agency, freelancer or own work?

In this article you will get suitable answers and all other information you need for the first steps.

Have your homepage professionally created - what are the central advantages?

Some of the advantages of a contemporary or target group-specific and competitive Internet presence have already been mentioned at the beginning.

It has also been mentioned that it is anything but easy today to survive among the increasingly numerous competitors in most industries (which in turn is strongly due to corresponding online offers). And exactly such competitiveness can be created as the main advantage with a professional website.

Companies that have a website and are also easy to find through SEO measures have a certain presence on the web. This is particularly important in that (potential) customers now look online first for specific solutions to almost any problem or need that arises. If information is then provided on a company website that really helps to address the concerns in question, or if there are even suitable products available for purchase, this in fact increases the chances of increased sales immensely.

For more details on the benefits of a sufficient web presence, we recommend our article "What makes a good website?".

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Basic knowledge to have your own website created

Before we get to the answer to the question "Create a website: Agency, freelancer or do it yourself?" and the corresponding look-out-fors, the four cornerstones of a promising Internet presence are described below. You should definitely know these for an efficient website creation or cooperation with an external partner.

In addition, there are many more quality criteria. We have summarized these for you along with the central aspects in our article "The most important success factors for a good website".

Internet users today are particularly looking for information that makes a real contribution to solving specific challenges or wishes. Content that can do just that is particularly relevant and is consequently used very intensively.

The increased use of a website or the precise engagement with its content, in turn, undoubtedly accounts for a significant part of its success. Because only in this way can the messages planned for the web presence really reach the respective target group and only in this way can important processes towards the desired conversions actually take place.

The design of a website should of course always be unique in order to create a unique position. Nevertheless, it should not deviate too much from the habits of the target group. Furthermore, attention should be paid to a generally good usability. If the criteria of a familiar environment and optimal usability are met and the web design also offers some unusual highlights, users tend to accept it very well.

In the context of good usability, it is particularly important to enable intuitive navigation. Because even the most attractively designed website with the most relevant information will never reach its full potential if users have difficulty finding their way around it.

A good website, on the other hand, lets visitors easily and quickly get to exactly the points or facts or features they need. This is usually rewarded by intensive use.

As mentioned earlier, most people today start by searching online for solutions to any desires or problems. Significantly, they often use Google as a starting point. The search engine giant now has a market share of well over 90 percent in Germany. The fact that a good findability in its ranking and thus SEO are decisive for the success of a website is crystal clear under these facts. By the way, all previously described success factors also have an impact on SEO and the Google ranking.

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Create a homepage: Which program?

Die Wahl des richtigen Systems

Basically, you have three options when it comes to choosing a system to build your website:

  • Building Block
  • content management system (CMS) and
  • free programming.

They all have their specific advantages and disadvantages. For example, with a construction kit, you can achieve a result relatively quickly and without expertise. On the other hand, such tools are very limited in their flexibility and the resulting website quickly looks like an off-the-shelf product.

The CMS offers much more freedom. For a good result, however, specific expertise is always required here. However, the maintenance of a corresponding website can then be done largely independently. The most powerful is the free or individual programming of a website. Without a CMS in the background, however, many typical steps of editing as well as the long-term care and maintenance of such a construct prove to be highly inefficient, even with the - always - required expertise.

The often optimal solution is to use a CMS in conjunction with a custom design. WordPress is particularly suitable here in many contexts. The system has a market share of more than 60 percent - and for good reason: WordPress is characterized by high cost efficiency, flexibility and end-user friendliness. This makes the CMS suitable for almost every website project.

Why to rely on a professional Internet agency

Agentur vs. Freelancer vs. Website selbst erstellen

Companies that do not yet have a website and are at the very beginning of their online marketing, like to design first on their own. Of course, this can result in valuable experience and success is not excluded. However, correspondingly positive effects of such solo efforts are often based more on luck and a lot of trial and error than on a really well thought-out, targeted strategy. Thus, not only the primary web design is quite inefficient, but also its ongoing optimization.

In contrast, a specialized freelancer will proceed in a much more structured way. The client gets a usable result faster, which promises significantly greater chances of long-term benefits. Ideally, there is a strategic basis with clearly defined goals and sufficient documentation. There are thus direct starting points for efficient optimizations or even realignments of the website - even after a longer period of time.

Of course, an agency also proceeds on the basis of a specific strategy. The big advantage over a freelancer is that clients also benefit from the (wo)manpower and know-how of numerous professionals. The expertise and experience that an agency brings to the table in web design, SEA, SEO, social media marketing and other important disciplines of online marketing cannot be delivered by a single freelancer - at least as a rule.

In the following, special attention should be paid when selecting an agency:

Of course, even with a website agency, their homepage is the first place to go to learn more about the provider.

It is best not to pay attention to the design, but rather to the content that is offered. If they really help you, chances are very good that they understand you and your concerns. Overall, you should quickly get a good first impression.

How competent an agency really is, can only be grasped with difficulty exactly over the website, references or other on-line contents, which come from the enterprise. Because of course homepage providers present themselves here without exception positively.

The most informative are reviews on Google and comments in the social network. Whereby the latter can of course also be adjusted relatively quickly.

If you want to know exactly, you should seek contact with the provider's customers. The results of such communication often prove to be much more valuable than anything the web has to offer. Here, you can count on getting truly authentic testimonials about the competencies. It is best to prepare well for such a conversation - write down all the questions that interest you, so as not to forget anything.

The professional focus of a homepage provider can usually be found on their website. If you want to know exactly, contact the agency directly:

  1. Again, formulate all questions that interest you in writing.
  2. Afterwards, look for a personal conversation - preferably with a responsible project manager. Since this person will ultimately manage your project and is connected to all departments of the agency, you can get the most direct information about the focal points from him.

Good and accordingly busy agencies generally offer references on their website. You should take a close look at these to get an idea of the competencies and focus of the provider.

On the other hand, you can also see here whether they have already successfully implemented similar projects. If this is the case, your project will probably also get the best conditions.

Last but not least, make sure that the project process is clear and transparent. If this is the case, you do not have to worry about hidden costs. A clear quotation and documentation of all work, as well as ongoing communication with you as the client, are key points here.

What should I expect to pay to create a website?

Of course, the costs for a website creation are not insignificant. What a web agency charges for it, can hardly be said in general terms. It always depends on the extent of the support and the requirements to be served. You always have to reckon with a four-digit amount.

The prices can vary greatly from agency to agency. You should not necessarily accept the cheapest offer. Because completely independently of the assured achievements the offerer always keeps its expenditure in the back of the head with the calculation. Thus, particularly low costs for an extensive service can mean that only comparatively little time is invested in the implementation of the project.

Strong midfielders often prove to be ideal addresses. They mostly offer the best price-performance ratio. If those your project for the own reference portfolio as particularly significant appears, it will perhaps even attract more attention.

You can find more interesting details about prices of a good internet presence in our article "What does a website cost?“.

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BRUNS_digital for professional website programming

For 20 years, BRUNS_digital has stood for reliable, customer-oriented and innovative website development and more. We produce websites, web applications and other digital solutions with the greatest persuasive potential, primarily for global market leaders from owner-managed medium-sized businesses.

Enthusiastic about new technologies and with creative ideas as well as an all-encompassing added value concept, we create excellent digital products out of complete conviction and love for our craft.

Agency services

  • Strategy development and consulting
  • Trainings and workshops
  • UX/UI design
  • Web development
  • Content creation, refinement and maintenance
  • Search engine marketing
  • social media marketing
  • Conversion optimization
  • Lead management / -nurturing
  • marketing automation
  • Web Analytics & Data

Industry competencies

We work across all industries. One focus is on globally active, medium-sized B2B market leaders with products that require explanation. The majority of our customers come from the following sectors:

  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Industry
  • Healthcare
  • Service providers
  • Trade
  • Public sector
  • Non-Profit

We look forward to hearing from you and will answer all your questions precisely.

To get started, take a look at ourreferences.


Homepage erstellen lassen – einfache, schnelle und professionelle Umsetzung mit einer Webagentur

Having a website created is a complex matter on several levels. For maximum success, you need to work out a suitable strategy, put it into a concept, choose a system on which to base your Internet presence, create target group-specific content, generally conduct online marketing and much more.

To do all this on your own or in-house is hardly possible or at least not very efficient, even for larger companies. A specialized web agency, on the other hand, has the technical know-how, the experience as well as the capacities to realize your project precisely and ultimately economically.

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We are happy to support you in making your online presence competitive and future-oriented:

  • How does your website compare to your strongest competitors? We would be happy to conduct a free TYPO3 upgrade check for you and define a success-oriented target alignment together with you.
  • In this context, we will advise you with our extensive know-how on the topics of user experience and user guidance on your website and help you to deliver an optimal experience to your customers.
  • Our experienced web developers will be happy to implement your individual wishes - be it the development of extensions, responsive websites, apps orinterface connections.
  • Need a new website? No problem. Together we will find the right content management system for you and start from scratch.
  • Our support team is always available for technical and editorial support as well as regular training.

For a successful and comprehensive online strategy, we are also happy to advise you on the following topics:

Do you have any further questions?

Oliver Parrizas will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the subject. icon phone+49-800-911-91-91

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