Our TYPO3 Site Package is the result of years of TYPO3 development experience.

A first version was already created in 2004 - so the roots go back a long time and testify to our know-how.

What makes p2 Core stand out?

p2 Core has been developed as a "standalone" complete package, i.e. it has deliberately avoided dependencies on other TYPO3 extensions or special programming methods. Instead, p2 Core relies consistently on the configuration and extension options or API offered by TYPO3 itself.

Through this approach we create a less complex, but still powerful site package, with which new websites can be developed very efficiently. Since the entire structure and functionality follows the TYPO3 coding guidelines and Extbase architecture, even developers who have not worked with p2 Core before will find their way around very quickly.

Apart from p2 Core and the standard extensions "news" and "ke_search", we do not use third-party extensions as far as possible. We also do not make any permanent modifications to the TYPO3 Core. This approach guarantees sustainability, maintainability and an easier day-to-day handling of the system.

The Versatile News System, for example, rightly deserves its name, so that requirements such as news, publications and appointments can be easily implemented with it. If further adjustments are required, a so-called single-purpose extension is created just for this purpose. The news system remains updateable and is only marginally extended.

Editors, on the other hand, gain added value and save time thanks to the uniform way of working in the areas of news, publications and appointments.

The consistent use of TYPO3 standards and the use of only a few extensions that are very well known and often used in the TYPO3 community leads to a clearly structured, open and well thought-out installation that can be maintained by any TYPO3 professional.


PatternLab Frontend

Our TYPO3 Site Package contains only the necessary fluid templates for the page structure.

The entire frontend is realized with the PatternLab design system and made available for TYPO3 via p2 Core.

This separation allows frontend and backend functionalities to be realized more quickly and also to be standardized, as each frontend is based on the same foundation. Headless applications with p2 Core are thus only a few steps away.


Preconfigured backend

p2 Core follows the Strong Defaults approach and the TYPO3 Coding Guidelines. In the basic version, p2 Core does not require any third-party extensions - so dependencies can be avoided. Nevertheless, p2 Core already offers support for the common TYPO3 extensions "news" and "ke_search".

Content elements are designed according to the Atomic Design and integrated TYPO3 Core compliant. Common elements and functionalities are already prepared; menus, the search, custom content elements, etc. This allows projects to be developed in an agile manner at an early stage.

Editors are one of the most important target groups in a project, as it is their work that brings the website to life.

The sophisticated authorization system of TYPO3 and the modular concept of p2 Core based on it, allows editors to provide a customized backend. Any functionality that is not required for a user group is not available.

The effort for editors to learn new things is reduced, the workflows become clearer and the motivation in the daily editorial work increases.

p2 Core includes a preconfigured page tree, among others with the styleguide & documentation area. The styleguide is based on the PatternLab frontend and is hierarchically structured according to Atomic Design: From simple elements like headings, text and lists to more complex molecules like teasers or image galleries to modules and pages that include different elements.

Editors can use the style guide to get a quick overview of which content elements they can use to create pages, and also a copy template that greatly simplifies their work.

Project-specific documentation, from explanations of administrative tasks to the configuration of modules used (e.g. How do I create an appointment calendar?), rounds off this section.

A video often says more than a thousand words. Depending on the project, so-called screencasts can therefore better explain complex processes. We create these screencasts on request and make them available to editors via a central backend module.

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A BSI security study on the security of various content management systems gives TYPO3 a positive rating. The TYPO3 community has done an outstanding job in recent years. In particular, the infrastructure created with security bulletins, TYPO3 security guidelines and an official security team is well received.

A TYPO3 installation built with p2 Core inherently brings with it various measures that further secure the system. As already explained, the editors find a reduced backend and therefore do not have the possibility to create potentially dangerous content like iFrames or HTML directly. HTTP secure headers and cookie domains are also configured to prevent the execution of third-party scripts.

Features & Advantages

  • hardened kickstarter
  • clear structures
  • fast training
  • TYPO3 conform developed
  • BITV and SEO optimized
  • TYPO3 backend optimized for editors
  • PatternLab frontend integration
  • clear styleguide & documentation area
  • prepared for the integration of external content (DSGVO)
  • scalable (extensions, own content elements)
  • multi-client capable
  • multilingualism
  • support for TYPO3 11.5 LTS
  • prepared for TYPO3 12 LTS
  • prepared for headless projects

Compared to the conventional, completely individual creation, up to 20 man-days can be saved in larger projects or used for prioritized functions that pay more attention to the business value of the product.

And where can i find p2 core in the TYPO3 extension repository?

Even though p2 Core is an easy to learn technology, it still remains a package for professionals. Earlier versions (under the extension key Threeme) were very much intended as our contribution to the TYPO3 community and publicly available.

However, the demands on modern web applications have risen sharply in recent years, and so have our demands on p2 Core. The Site Package is now an integral part of our p2 Core project framework, which is able to cover much more aspects from professional deployment to headless projects.

Unfortunately, a parallel development of a public, end-user oriented version and a professional agency version could no longer be guaranteed in the long run.

p2 Core Demo

Would you like to get an impression of our Site Package?

Visit our demo website or contact us for a time-limited backend access.

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