Who & What

Flexdoc is a portal that provides physicians throughout Germany with substitute assignments based on their previously selected preferences. Candidates are thus given flexibility through free choice of projects and can allocate their time in a self-determined manner with high earning potential.

The complete digitization of all business processes at flexdoc pays on the one hand to the shortage of highly qualified specialists in the healthcare sector; almost 1.8 million vacancies in the healthcare sector will probably not be filled in 2035 (source: PWC).

Clinics cover and manage their entire demand for doctors via the platform; processes from recruitment to timesheets and communication with candidates are fully digitized.

The vision: physicians should be able to find the best project at the most lucrative conditions at any time, with the least possible workload. Clinics, on the other hand, can cover peak loads quickly and easily thanks to the digitized process.

Sequence of the digitized process

Physicians as well as clinics can sign up for the platform through a registration process. Once registration is complete, both parties have access to an individual dashboard.

On the part of the doctors, all personal data, the desired working hours and locations can be maintained there themselves. Clinics have the opportunity to post job requests very quickly, which in turn appear in the doctors' job lists. Doctors are also automatically informed about suitable jobs. The application and subsequent contract generation takes place in the respective dashboards and can be carried out with just a few clicks. An automatic identification procedure is used to sign the documents in a legally secure manner.

All information and data such as timesheets, timesheets, contracts and documents can be viewed and managed in the respective dashboard.

To keep the workflows of the stakeholders involved clear, there are four different dashboards on which the relevant data and functions can be seen at a glance, depending on the status of the processing. This means that not only doctors and clinics always have knowledge of the relevant processes and work steps, but also the back office and the supervisors who look after the candidates and clinics during the placement process.

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Multicolumn with 2 pictures
4Stakeholder-compliant dashboards
376Fully automated process steps
89%of the originally planned budget required

Steps project

  • Vision & goal definition workshops
  • Simulation of all process scenarios & creation of user stories
  • Development of the relevant personae profiles
  • Design / UX / UI of the platform
  • Development of the platform - technologies frontend: JS framework React, CSS framework Bootstrap, NX build systems, technologies API: PHP framework Laravel, database Maria DB).
  • Connection of tools via API (Pushnotifications, legally compliant contract generation, identity verification, etc.)
  • Hosting in the form of a cloud server cluster
  • Ongoing support and further development of the platform
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Common approach & result

The technical challenge in the project was the complex data model associated with the registration process of the candidates and the related documents as well as the personal preferences. Our client placed a lot of emphasis on the personal support of the doctors during the process implementation in order to provide the candidates and the clinics with the lowest possible administrative effort.

The technology stack of headless framework React and Laravell enables a very dynamic implementation The heart of the platform is represented by four different dashboards that enable an efficient and transparent process for the involved stakeholders candidates, clinics, supervisors and back office at any time.

The agile implementation according to SCRUM, in which our client itself acted as 50% product owner, guaranteed short development times and thus a manageable budget.

flexdoc represents a fully digitalized business model in the field of personnel services that offers both doctors and clinics, as well as our client, a high added value with simultaneous flexibility. The cost-per-hire (CPH) could be reduced by a multiple.

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